4 Best Student Travel Programs You Can Make Use Of

There are many things a high school student wants to do during their summer break. There are whole to-do lists about summer activities. Every such list has an item dedicated to travel. This is not surprising since travel is one of the most interesting pastimes. 

There are special travel companies offering a variety of programs. But how to choose the suitable one? In this article, we’ll talk about the four best student travel programs you can make use of.

What Are Student Travel Programs?

If you are a young student, all roads are open for you. There are thousands of tour programs from a dozen different travel companies. Their task is to create unforgettable adventures for several weeks for young people.

You will have a chance to visit beautiful and legendary places all around the world. It is not some boring family trip. Together with your peers, you will have the opportunity to have a wonderful time in new places. During adventures, students explore the world together and gain a new perspective on familiar things. They learn new languages, observe cultural phenomena, gain experience, and develop new skills.

Programs may differ not only in their final destination but also in specific rules and objectives. Some are focused on relaxation and discovery. There are volunteer types. The most popular are projects with skills or language learning. These new proficiencies will be a great addition to your resume.

Special Requirements and Facilities

When choosing a plan for yourself, pay special attention to the details of the program. Each plan can be drastically different. It might have specific requirements. For example, there may be age restrictions. Or you need to know a certain level of a foreign language. Thus, you can ask for the help of professionals not to mess up the cover letter. For instance, expert papers writers – PaperWriter.com will help you prepare documents for participation correctly.

After you have chosen several programs that you are interested in, make their comparisons. Pay special attention to what is included in the trip budget and what remains for personal expenses. Important things are insurance, meals, accommodation, excursion costs. There may be other features to check with a company representative as well.

Top Student Travel Companies and Programs 

Greenheart Travel

Greenheart is an NGO with a mission to help people travel for change. Thus, participants in its activities will not only visit interesting places but also create improvements for locales. The tools provided by this organization turn tourists into citizens for the duration of their journey.

The organizers believe they can create a peaceful global community through travel. They have more than 50 programs that allow you to go to different regions of the world. After such a journey, it is much easier to find your way in life and apply for college. For those who have difficulties with essays even after the trip, there is an EssayPro service that can help you with any paper. Now, let’s explore one of the programs Greenheart offers below.

Teen Summer Language Camp in Japan

It is an ideal option for lovers of Japanese culture. Students will not only be able to learn the basics of the Japanese language but also plunge into ancient traditions and sights. Living with a Japanese host family will create a complete immersion in the life of the locals.

Travel for Teens

This is one of the most popular travel creation companies. It allows you to choose a project from over a hundred possible options from over 40 different countries. Their formats allow you to confidently travel in groups of up to 20 people. Moreover, these compact groups are filled with people from different regions. 

Experienced guides have strong connections with residents. This approach helps the traveler to feel in a foreign country like at home. There are programs aimed at discoveries, community service, language learning, and the like.

Summer in Berlin, Paris, and London

One of the most popular programs is called “Summer in Berlin, Paris, and London.” For 13 days, participants will be able to visit the brightest and most cultural capitals of Europe. Each city will give the opportunity to touch the historical roots and modern culture. The organizer promises that students will be able to improve their self-confidence and social skills.

Academic Programs International

The reason why the API is included in this list is very clear. It is famous not only for its tours but also for its studies and internships abroad. So, pay attention to API projects if you are considering taking a gap year or looking for an internship abroad. You will find activities to your liking in 22 countries around the world.

Summer Arts, Humanities, and Italian Language and Culture in Tuscania

The name of this program speaks for itself. Who wouldn’t want to try spending a month living and studying in the fabulous hills of the Italian countryside? Students will be able to enjoy beautiful people and views while learning. New friends and skills will not keep you waiting. 

GoBeyond Student Travel

Are you looking for more than just a journey? An adventure with a great purpose? Do you want to help strangers from distant countries? GoBeyond wants it too! Its programs offer meaningful cross-cultural service and travel adventures. Unlike previous organizers, their tours are aimed at exotic countries in Asia and South America. Such places are ideal for wildlife lovers. Participants will be able to make this world a little better.

Galápagos/Ecuador – Service & Adventure

The purpose of your trip will be the land and sea of these islands, which have become a global center for ecological tourism. You will help restore forest habitats, fight invasive species, and have close contact with local flora and fauna. You will gain new friends among the activists. Such work will allow you to find harmony and peace.

Wrapping Up

We’ve collected the best travel programs for students, but you’re not limited in your choices. There are plenty of other companies who can help you get unforgettable experiences. So, decide what suits you best and begin your exciting journey.


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