5 Cute Mixed Breed Dogs You Need to Know About

With today’s increasing demand for pets and the expanding ‘designer breed’ drive, countless inventive mixes have been introduced into the fold. Though there are many, and the ones below probably aren’t the cutest, these five are perhaps the most well rounded, best for families, and healthiest mixes.

Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever & Poodle)

Take one of the most popular family dogs in existence, very playful and highly intelligent in his own right, and mix him with the second most intelligent breed on the planet. Both of these dogs alone are great with kids, and both were bred to work around water – making these doggos perfect for the swimming enthusiast, as explained by the breeders at Power Goldendoodle!

Pitsky (Pitbull & Husky)

Despite what you may have heard, the truly reputable organizations (like the American and United Kennel Clubs), as well as most true experts you’ll meet, will tell you the American Pitbull Terrier (& related breeds, like the American Bully and American Staffordshire Terrier) is/are some of the absolute best family breeds in existence today.

Bred to endure frigid northern temperatures, the Husky was born to work and has almost limitless amounts of energy. Combine these two magnificent breeds, and you’ll get a playful, highly energetic Pitsky who loves to be around people and won’t shy away from winter weather (or water)!

Beagleman (Beagle & German Shepherd)

Thought to be the third most intelligent breed on the planet, a German shepherd in 1928 named Buddy began the massive seeing-eye movement, now numbering an estimated 387,000 service dogs in the United States alone.

Energetic and easily trainable, the Beagle is another highly popular family dog, always eager to run and play games with those kiddos! It’s very rare when a human owner won’t catch a Beagle who doesn’t want to play.

Combine these two magnificent breeds, and you’ll get a surprisingly playful companion!  One of the few able to rival the legendary Goldendoodle in intelligence, this guy is ideal for parents who want to keep their children occupied for hours.

Pomsky (Pomeranian & Husky)

Whenever you take a small or toy breed and mix it with a larger one, you’ll get something especially adorable. In the case of the Pomsky, you’ll have a hard time finding a cuter companion anywhere on earth!

With a Husky’s thick coat & known energy levels on top of the adorable ‘poof ball’ Pomeranian, few pets on Earth can rival the visual appeal of the lovable little Pomsky!


As one of our favorites, we’ll again throw the all around well rounded & sociable Golden Retriever into the mix, highly intelligent, a fantastic swimmer, and great with people. Also highly energetic, a fantastic swimmer and easily able to tolerate frigid temperatures most humans wouldn’t dare encounter, the Siberian Husky stands in a league of his own.

Combine these two, and your resulting Goberian is perhaps the dog breed best suited for cold, harsh weather on this list, rivaling only the Goldendoodle in his love for water. If you live in the northern areas of the world and want a talented swimmer great with kids, this is your guy!

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