5 Ways to Entertain an Energetic Puppy

Getting a new puppy can be an exciting time in life for your family. Sometimes, you may have been waiting for weeks for the new addition, and when he finally arrives, everyone falls in love with his cute puppy face. After a few days, you and your family may start to have trouble keeping up with your energetic bundle of fur. That’s why you should try these five ways to help you entertain your new pal.

1. Take Him Out for Walks

Your new puppy will need to be housetrained once he arrives. The best way to do this is to start a good routine of regular walks with him outside. Taking your puppy on walks outside can also help him get his daily dose of exercise.

2. Try Doggie Daycare

Some puppies need even more exercise each day beyond a short walk every few hours. If they don’t get enough exercise, they may start to be destructive at home. It’s a good idea to think about enrolling your pup in doggie daycare, especially if you work all day. Your dog will get lots of social skills practice with other dogs, and he’ll be nice and tired when it’s time to come home.

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3. Go for a Swim

Swimming is another great way to meet your pup’s energetic activity needs. It’s a myth that all dogs know how to swim instinctively, so be sure to prepare for your swim by purchasing a doggie life vest. A young puppy will need to be supervised at all times.

4. Provide Plenty of Toys

Your dog will also need lots of stimulation when he plays, so be sure to provide a large range of dog toys for your furry friend. Offer your pup plenty of different types of toys, such as things to chew on, balls to fetch, squeaky objects that make noise, and more.

5. Hike With Your Dog

Hiking with your dog can also be a great way to help him burn off that extra energy. Choose a fairly easy trail when first starting out hiking with your dog. Protect your furry pal from ticks by applying a flea and tick topical medication before heading out into wooded areas or grassy fields. Be sure to bring plenty of snacks and water if you’re going on a longer trek.

When you get a new puppy, you’ve got to get ready for constant activity from your four-legged friend. You can help your puppy grow into a good doggie citizen if you have an outlet for your puppy’s energy from the beginning. Follow some of these tips to make your pup have more fun every day.

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