5 Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Vet Business

Most veterinarians choose a career working with animals because they love biology, helping pets, and bonding with animals. More often than not, vets are not marketing or business experts – they just want to help animals.

Running your vet practice will take more than just a qualification in animal care, it needs a special touch to draw in clients and keep them coming back to you for assistance throughout their pet’s lives.

You need to consider adding a personal touch to your practice to keep it running successfully. The below five ways will help you do just that:

  1. Personalized Emails

No one likes to feel like just a number, particularly when that number is assigned a dollar value. Make your vet practice stand out by sending out personalized emails to your clients.

After a client has come in with their pet for assistance, send a follow-up email a day later to find out if their furry friend is feeling better. Not all pet owners are great with admin duties, so it is also worth sending out reminders for annual shots and monthly tick and flea treatments.

These emails are an effective way to keep your clients updated on all things related to the well-being of their precious pets.

  1. Remember Details

Everyone thinks that their dog is the best in the world – and your job as their vet is to wholeheartedly agree with each one of them.

Learn the names of your clients and their pets and their pet’s gender. There is nothing worse than taking your favorite fur friend to the vet and they call her a “him” or get their name wrong.

Your clients will appreciate it if you go the extra mile and remember details about their pets.

  1. Prescription Bags

Instead of the plain and boring brown variety, invest in some gorgeous veterinary prescription bags for your clients. Several design options can be bought off the shelf, or you could take the time to have ones made up with your logo on them.

That will help to make your practice stand out and make an indelible mark in your client’s minds – which should be one of your top priorities!

  1. Prioritize Customer Service

Like most businesses, your vet practice must focus on customer service. Even though your practice may go through hectic periods throughout the day, try to keep your clients seen as quickly as possible.

If you are too swamped, be upfront with walk-ins and ask them to return at another time or refer them to a nearby alternative practice. You will be surprised by how much people appreciate little things like that.

  1. Offer Pet Packages

If your vet practice needs a business boost, consider partnering with local dog groomers or walkers and put together comprehensive pet packages to offer your clients. The best pet packages get designed to provide pet owners with everything their pet could ever need to keep them healthy and happy.

By following these five easy steps above, your vet practice could quickly become the talk of the town and turn into the most recommended place for pet care.


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