6 Methods to Get Rid of Pigeons

When pigeons grow in numbers and become a nuisance, some people prefer killing them. However, it is not a humane method to get rid of pigeons. There are other non-lethal and better methods to fix the problem. We discuss below six humane and effective ways to ward off pigeons. 

Birth control

Pigeons can be annoying because of their breeding capabilities. Therefore, the most challenging thing for a barn owner is the problem of how to get rid of pigeons permanently. The OvoControl program is the most effective and humane solution to eliminate pigeons. But you can interrupt their breeding using birth control. 

Pigeons can breed and raise more than a dozen young yearly. And their population can multiply if they have plenty of food and space. Luckily, birth control can reduce the growth of these nesters. They come in edible format, and you can feed them to the pigeons. When they eat it, the eggs they lay fail to develop. 

Getting rid of pigeons using birth control is a humane way to discourage roosting, effectively stopping the development of the eggs. Barn owners can implement these measures to keep them away instead of resorting to inhumane methods. Companies that use these methods have seen a marked decrease in pigeon numbers.

Repellent gel

The idea behind using a repellent gel to get rid of pigeons is to make the places unattractive to them to come and roost. You can make the roosting sites untenable with a repellent gel. Apply the gel in dots or lines using a caulk gun loaded with caulk tubes. 

Pigeons that land in these areas will realize that they are sticky and immediately leave from there. The repellent is a petroleum-based non-toxic gel that stays sticky in all weather conditions. The clear gel barely makes it noticeable but keeps the pigeons off all places it is applied. 

Be careful when applying it on railings, balconies, landings, or window sills, as the gel is tough to remove. Avoid heavily applying them on an entire surface, as pigeons can get stuck.

Motion-activated sprinkler

Consider using a sprinkler that is motion-activated to eradicate pigeons from your barn. Spraying water from a sprinkler is the most non-toxic and humane way to chase away pigeons. The sprinkler can also keep your garden well-protected and well-watered. 

The sprinkler uses water, movement, and sound to scare away pigeons. You can adjust the settings in the sprinkler according to your pigeon control needs. You can move the sensor upwards and narrow the range of motion to avoid paths and things you want to keep undisturbed. 

The sprinkler has a sensor to detect movement and will get triggered only by the wind. You can customize the settings so the sprinkler will work only during the day or at night. Just attach the sprinkler to a hose and bury the spike underground. 

Shock tape

A standard pigeon removal method is to deliver an electric shock using shocking tape so that pigeons fly off. When the pigeons land and perch on the surface, it gets shocked by the device. This method is also the easiest and the most inexpensive way. 

The shock tape conducts electricity through its metal leads, which you can peel off the roll. Then all you must do is stick it, smoothen it and charge it using electricity or a solar charger. The device is a formidable pigeon control method. The pigeons do not see the tape because it has a transparent color. 

When the feet of the birds touch the strips, they receive a short and small electric shot. This electric current shock jolts them out, and they fly away immediately. A few more instances of electric shock using this device, and the pigeons learn to avoid those areas. 

Weatherproof string

Another way to ward off pigeons from roosting without harming them is by using a weatherproof string. These are delicate, invisible strings that are stretched taut on perching spots. As the pigeon swoops in and grabs the ledge, it goes off-balance and reels because it cannot see correctly. 

Using a weatherproof string makes them wary of roosting, and you can use this method with any rope. But if you want to avoid the inconvenience of replacing it repeatedly, you should use a weatherproof string, which can withstand any weather or climatic conditions. 

The weatherproof string is strong enough to resist the pigeon’s force landing on it. Just tie it an inch above the surface where pigeons are likely to perch. Ensure you stretch and tie up the string. This method is very effective in warding off pigeons in a budget-friendly way.

Anti-roosting spikes

Stop the pigeons from roosting on your ledges using anti-roosting spikes, a great option to minimize where the birds can land. These spikes can limit the foothold of the pigeons. This deterrent method is prevalent because the spears make it hard for pigeons to perch on them.

The spikes are durable, long-lasting, and need no maintenance. Because they are translucent, the pigeons do not notice them. This way, the tips do not spoil the aesthetics of the house. Make sure you measure the place where you want to install the spikes to know how many units you might need.

Each unit has spike segments that you can place widely apart to cover the ledge so the pigeons do not hang out there. Measure the ridge before purchasing the spikes. East kit has a description label with measurements on it.

The steps outlined above are techniques and tools that have successfully proven to eliminate pigeons. However, seek professional help to control the pigeons if the issue becomes too much. An expert will have the tools and equipment to remove pigeons humanely and effectively.

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