6 Reasons Why Your Dog May Have Bad Breath

While bad dog breath may not seem like a big deal, it is no joking matter, either. If you are noticing a problem with your dog’s breath, it may be related to a much more serious problem that you need to resolve.

Here are 6 reasons why your dog may have bad breath:

1. Your Dog May Not Be Eating a Proper Diet

Dogs do not floss or brush their teeth. Instead, they eat a variety of crunchy foods that naturally clean their teeth and gums. But if they are not getting enough of these types of food — or if they are eating too much sugary stuff or food with lots of additives — this can lead to tooth decay, which can cause bad breath. Ask your vet to give you recommendations for the best possible diet for your dog’s oral health and well being.

2. Your Dog Could Have a Dental Issue

Bad dog breath can be related to a number of dental issues, such as a decayed tooth or an infection or even gum disease. So, look into your dog’s mouth and check whether its gums are inflamed. You may also notice excess tartar on their teeth. Even if you don’t notice something, the problem could be underneath its gums, so you may want to have your veterinarian to perform a full periodontal cleaning. This is done under anesthesia, using specialized ultrasonic devices.

3. Your Dog Could Have a Serious Illness

A number of very serious illnesses have been known to cause bad breath in dogs. This includes kidney problems, diabetes and a host of liver-related issues. If your dog’s breath has an ammonia-like odor, it may mean that it has a kidney problem. If its breath has more of a fruit or sweet smell, it can be a sign of diabetes. Finally, if the odor is of something rotting, it could indicate a liver issue. If you notice any of these odors, be sure to take your dog to the vet as soon as possible.

4. Your Dog May Have Consumed Something Poisonous

Let’s face it: dogs are not known for having a particularly discriminating palate. They have a tendency to eat almost anything they can eat. Many toxic substances, such as rat poison and antifreeze, give off a noxious odor when consumed. If you even think that your dog may have eaten something like this, you need to take it to your veterinarian at once.

5. Your Dog Could Have a Tumor

It is not uncommon for tumors to form in a dog’s mouth, and these tumors can grow very fast. Sometimes they can grow faster than the body’s ability to provide blood for them, which can lead to both decay and really bad breath. It can smell as if something is dying in their mouth. If you notice any tumors in your dog’s mouth, which can be of various sizes, shapes and colors, have your vet check them out.

6. Your Dog May Have a Foreign Object Stuck in Its Mouth

Not only can dogs eat something toxic, they can also eat things that can get lodged in their mouths, which can be the cause of their bad breath. Check your dog’s mouth and teeth for foreign objects, such as bones or pieces of metal.

In conclusion, bad dog breath should not be ignored. It is often a sign that something is really wrong, and you should find out what this something is.

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