6 Strange Facts About Animals That Will Surprise Your Kids

When you are young, everything is fascinating. Many kids are completely in love with animals and are always taken by how they live and eat. Every parent cherishes the days where their kids are always learning something new every day that they are impressed by. If you feel a bit nostalgic for those days and how easy it was to impress your young ones, you can rest assured that fascinating trivia and bits of knowledge never end. If you want to see some surprised looks on your kids’ faces, here are six strange facts about animals that will surely draw a smile on your little one’s face.

1.    Polar Bears Are Not White

The minute you think of a polar bear, your mind immediately pulls the image of white fur, right? As it turns out, polar bears don’t really have white fur. Every stand of their fur is colorless, which means that it’s reflective of light, hence the illusion of being white. Their skin, on the other hand, is actually black to protect them on cold days by maintaining warmth.

Polar bears

2.    How Many Hummingbirds Are There?

Regardless of your age, you and your kids probably share your deep love for hummingbirds. But do your kids really know that there are 325 different species of them? You can rest assured that there are many cool hummingbird facts for kids that will impress them. This is definitely not the only interesting bit of trivia about these fascinating species.

3.    Sea Otters Are Not Really Romantic

We cannot help ourselves but sigh every time we see a couple of sea otters holding hands. This romantic gesture is actually much more meaningful. Sea otters tend to sleep on their backs, which is why they need to hold hands in order to prevent each other from drifting apart.

4.    Chimpanzees Are Our Animal Relatives

We probably all heard about the different characteristics that humans share with chimpanzees. These common characteristics have a very logical explanation that your kids probably don’t know. Humans and chimpanzees share 98% of DNA. This mind-blowing fact doesn’t mean that there aren’t many differences between the two species.

5.    Friendly Cows

Have you ever noticed that the only time you have ever seen a cow away from its herd is when it’s about to give birth or extremely ill? It turns out that cows are super social creatures. They create bonds that come very close to what humans would call friendships.

6.    Crows Don’t Bring Bad Luck

Crows are proven by science to be extremely smart. They were witnessed pulling pranks on each other. Murders of crows even have their own regional dialects with the ability to change them whenever they want. These smart creatures are super sensitive and empathetic to the extent of holding a funeral when one of their own dies.

Animal trivia and interesting facts are always amusing. These fascinating creatures that we share our world with will always manage to impress us regardless of our age or knowledge. If you want to start planting some empathy and caring seeds in your child, telling them strange and impressive facts about animals is definitely your best bet.

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