8 Apps for Superb Time Management

Many of us have to stay home during this uncertain period, caused by the coronavirus outbreak. However, although we may seemingly have more time for studying, working, and relaxing at our homes, students admit that time flies at light speed when it comes to setting up for studying academic activities. The home regime requires some changes in our routine but, most importantly, better self-discipline and time management skills. Thankfully, there are a lot of apps created to help students improve their time management and stay productive and comfortable studying at home. If you perfected your time management, you might be interested in getting a job on Jooble.

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Evernote is an all-in-one app that allows for making notes, checklists, and memos, besides other formats, to organize your thoughts and tasks. This app is also can be useful for students. It isn’t necessary to ask somebody “do my paper“, it’s enough to use Evernote. It is fitted with an optical character recognition that allows for searching for the files needed even more effectively. With Evernote, you can keep all your notes and to-do lists in one easy-to-use place and, thus, don’t waste your time organizing assignments and re-checking the deadlines.

Remember the Milk

Although the name may seem funny and frivolous, it is a great reminder app used by thousands of students and other people. You can create to-do lists that can be synced on all the devices you use, and you’ll get a reminder about the upcoming tasks or deadlines so that you’ll never miss a thing.

Focus Booster

This app utilizes an advanced Pomodoro technique that not only keeps you focused but also relieves any anxiety you may have concerning your academic assignments or real-life worries. If you want to be an excellent essay writer, use this app to concentrate on your studies and keep track of your learning activities within a day, week, or month. This application can also show your weekday productivity compared to your friends’ ones, so you can study together with your mates and share your success tips.


If you need software to organize your thoughts and see a clearer picture of what you need to do, go for the MindNode app. This software implies a mind map one can create to structure their tasks and create a picture of the wants and needs for the upcoming day, week, or month. You can not only write down studying tasks here but also some home chores to remember about.

Be Focused Timer

If you want just a simple app that will keep you concentrated, Be Focused Timer is the right app to choose from. It also makes the use of the Pomodoro technique, setting 25-minute intervals for studying. Moreover, you can assign different time intervals to different tasks, thus, keeping track of your learning progress and time needed for different types of assignments.


Timely is another time management tool that puts emphasis on the visual aspect of your to-do lists, thus, allowing one to see a clear picture of the tasks related to the different aspects of one’s life. You can not only write down duties and assignments but also mention the approximate time each task will take to complete, as well the hours you are about to spend to finish all the tasks for a day. By evaluating this time, you can compare it with the initial figures, learning to organize your studies more effectively.


It is a planner of the whole new level. You can craft lists with a handy drag-and-drop editor, star or flag particular assignments, and generate new listings according to the deadlines and priorities you have. The coolest feature of this application is smart lists that can highlight only starred or flagged tasks, and you can also break big daunting tasks into subtasks that you can complete one by one more effectively.


This unique app uses different sounds and music for the maximum productivity of the given user. The application is built on the idea that every person needs a different set of sounds or a music playlist to reach maximum productivity and efficiency in what they do. Thus, once you enter some info about yourself, whether you are a student or worker, are you doing creative or routine work, the app will choose the right playlist for your needs. Thus, you’ll be kept focused and engaged into the learning or working process in the most effective way.

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Final Remarks

It may be hard to get used to studying and working solely from home, but with the right software and dedication, one can manage all the tasks timely and successfully. Choose the right time management app based on your needs and stay focused and, thus, productive with your studies.

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