A Guide On How To Keep Cats Happy 

A study has shown that up to 37 million households own a cat as their pet. Slightly higher than the average number of dogs owned by the households, many take cats as their pet because of their low-maintenance, beguiling, and inquisitive nature. However, no matter how low-maintenance they are, proud pet parents cannot help but pamper their cats with cat treats. Although cats require extremely low attention, there are some things that one can do to make their cats happy.

Get a Nice Scratching Post

What one must do is get a nice scratching post. Cats love to groom their nails even if their only predator is nothing but the vacuum cleaner. That is why a cat owner must get a scratching post. Cats usually like to claw and pick at things. That is why no sofa, leather loafers, and even the carpet of the owner’s house is safe. So, one must purchase a deluxe scratching post from their nearest pet store.  

Grooming of Cats

Cats tend to love getting treated to an impromptu preening and cleaning session. Although they are not fond of hacking up hairballs, they can surely let themselves get pampered. So, what cat owners should do is brush their cats regularly. This extra attention and bonding time between the cats and their owner is the brownie points any owner would want to earn.

Casual Cat Treats

How can a proud parent of cats forget about the cat treats? Cats enjoy treats just as much as any pet. So, one must treat their cats by getting them new treats. However, keep in mind to bring in healthy as well as delicious grubs that are low in calories. One must look forward to the health of the cats as well.

Buy New Toys

Generally speaking, cat toys are not that expensive. So, one needs to head to the store and start picking up toys that their cats will love. In addition, toys are normally physically and mentally stimulating. So, if the cat continues to play with the toys one has bought, rest assured, the cat’s mood will always be alleviated.

Upgrade the Water Dish

Water is an essential element without which a cat cannot substantiate itself. It is crucial for sustaining their health. However, it is quite natural to forget to replenish the water dish of one’s cat. So, one can choose to make their cat’s time spent at the water cooler very entertaining by simply upgrading their water dish.

One can choose to purchase a fountain water dish as it will hold the attention span of the cat. It will keep the cat engaged and encourage them to drink more water. One can even opt for a well-maintained and aesthetically stimulating water dish available at various price points.


One should also remember to upgrade the litter box of the cat. Why not go for a self-cleaning litter box? Nowadays, in many pet stores, one may find a self-cleaning litter box. Such a litter box aims to provide the cat a cleaned litter box every time they decide to take a deuce. Moreover, their owners do not have to be worried about such a thing as well.

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