A Guide to Choosing the Best Cages for Hedgehogs

Choosing the right hedgehog cage considers a lot. After all, it is the question of ensuring the comfort of the beloved pet. The process is not rocket science, but there are some tricks to it. The living condition impacts the overall well-being of the hedgehog. Therefore, the hedgehog cages must have the necessary features and design quality to keep the pet safe and at ease. While some pet owners avoid the nitty-gritty detail about each cage, some are pretty conscious about their pet’s happiness. This article is exclusively for those thoughtful owners. Let’s get started-

Available Space

Before choosing a cage, the homeowner needs to check the available space. It is important to visualize how much space a cage will occupy. One must choose the right spot with easy access to the outlet so that heating lamps and pads can be easily connected from the cage to keep the hedges warm and snuggly. Measuring the sport using tape will help in choosing the right size of the cage.

Avoid Cramping

Pets deserve the same level of living comfort as their owners. When someone is taking the responsibility of petting, it is his/her duty to ensure maximum comfort for the hedgehog. It is certainly not fair to keep them in a tiny cage that makes them feel cramped out. A nice-sized cage should be chosen so the pet can move freely and unwind comfortably. As said already, the living condition dramatically influences the overall happiness and wellness of the pet.


If the pet owner is considering future breeding, then it is essential to choose a size that accommodates the family. It requires plenty of cages to keep the babies and mother healthy. One can go for added features like a heating pad attached to the hedgehog cages for added comfort to the mother.


One must make an effort to find something that is at least 48 by 24 inches (4 x 2 feet). This will provide the hedgehog space to rest and unwind, as well as play with a variety of toys. One must check that there is sufficient room for a wheel, litter box, dining area, sleeping bag, and extra space to play.


When choosing a cage, many owners forget to consider safety. Safety is neglected in favor of size and layout. This procedure is similar to what new parents do when “baby-proof” their home. Since the hedgehog can accidentally hurt itself, pet owners must plan to avoid any future accidents. Avoid giving them access to wide openings where their heads could become trapped. Also, ensure no sharp edges or surfaces within that the hedgie could cut itself on.


These are essential considerations to make while choosing hedgehog cages. For the final takeaway, experts recommend using wired cages for many reasons. Compared to other options like aquarium tanks, plastic storage bins, or wooden hedgehog cages, wired cages offer better airflow and are simpler to clean.


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