Best Aquariums in the US Everyone Should Visit

The United States hosts some of the world’s gorgeous and largest aquariums. These aquariums offer visitors an opportunity to explore the underwater ecosystem, enjoy the calming surroundings, and mingle with other aquatic lovers. They are well maintained and offer a perfect environment for family and friends to meet and have a great time together.

Of the hundreds of aquariums in the United States, here are the top five that are a must-visit. These aquariums have a rich diversity of sea life and educational programs.

The Georgia Public Aquarium

This aquarium conveniently sits in close proximity to the World of Coke and the Olympic Park, Atlanta. The Georgia Aquarium is among the largest conservation facilities boasting a massive seven galleries under its ‘roof’.  It hosts hundreds of marine life species with beluga whales, sea sharks, and bottlenose dolphins among the key attractions for visitors. 

The Georgia Aquarium is a key research center with Georgia State University using the facility to research on ways to safeguard endangered species. Some key areas to visit at the facility include the Ocean Voyager, the Exhibit tunnel, and the diving sessions by the Navy team. 

The Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium

Established in the 1930s, the Shedd Aquarium in Illinois ranks amongst the oldest aquariums in the country. The facility houses up to 15000 species of marine animals.

Besides the fascinating marine habitats, the aquarium is also surrounded by picturesque trails and Lake Michigan in the background. These provide a perfect spot for family and group photos. 

The Oceanarium, One World shows, and the 4D Theater are key events you shouldn’t miss when visiting the Shedd aquarium. You can also enjoy boat rides aboard the Coral Reef II vessel.


New England Aquarium

 While not as large as the Shedd Aquarium, the New England Aquarium in Massachusetts still offers the best sea life habitats you’d want to sample. 

The aquarium attracts well over 1 million visitors annually and operates between April and November.  Some popular exhibits include penguin power, killer instincts, and turtles uncovered.

The Florida Public Aquarium

Located on the beaches of Clearwater, Florida aquarium is a perfect getaway for individuals looking for the perfect to unwind and disconnect from the sterile urban settings. 

The facility is also ideal for school tours as it has tons of interactive exhibits to sample. These enable visitors to have a great experience of marine life.  

The Journey to Madagascar, which is among the newest exhibitions at the aquarium, allows visitors to see real-life coconut crabs, hissing cockroaches, and ring-tailed lemurs. 

Visitors have also a chance to dive with wild dolphins, sharks, and penguins. There are also numerous zones for kids’ fun and learning. 

The Tennessee Aquarium

The Tennessee aquarium is classy and fun-filled underwater. Visitors can engage in activities like “snow” drifts besides watching the marine animals.

The facility has also invested in a virtual tour system where individuals can stream a virtual tour through the aquarium on the Face book platforms. 

Some popular events streamed live include SCUBA Claus Diving, Penguins snow day, lighting an electric eel tree, and Christmas Octopus puzzle. However, the aquarium is closed on Thanksgiving days and during the Christmas period.

Parting Word

Visiting an aquarium offers a perfect opportunity to marvel and interact with underwater life. It is also a chance to learn about the different animals in the facility. For children, an occasional visit to the aquarium boosts imaginative capabilities. The five aquariums listed in this article aren’t just popular for their rich diversity of marine life. They also have calming surroundings ideal for those looking to get away from the bustling urban life.

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