Best Diet for a German Shepherd

Basing it on a report issued by the American kennel club (AKC), the German shepherd is among the top 3 dogs in the United States. That is because this breed is incredibly beautiful, right from its appearance of the thick, black and tan coats. Besides, it is known for its hardworking nature and is one of the smartest breeds. From my experiences, I noticed German shepherd prefers mentally stimulating activities as well as human interaction.

Apart from being intelligent, German shepherd has a big size and it weighs between 50 and 90 pounds. Thus, they need a lot of energy to keep up their stature (According to American Kennel Club). For that reason, you will want to know, what’s the best diet for a German shepherd?

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German shepherd Diet Trends In 2021

The nutritional trends for our canine pals mirror the trends of human nutrition. Just like we are considering what is in the latest news for our diets, we should also want to know what is good for them. Since dogs form an integral part of our families, we want the best for them in terms of nutrition.

Thus, we should offer them healthy choices, customize their meals to meet their health needs, and control what they eat. For instance, duck, rabbit, and bison, essential vitamins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, and minerals form the best portion of a healthy diet. If you want to try either of them, you can communicate with your veterinarian.

Also, they should be introduced gradually since they tend to cause allergic reactions. German shepherds eat a variety of foods due to their large size and their hardworking nature. The maximum amount of protein should be 18-22 percent of the total daily intake.

Benefits of the Best Meals for Your German shepherd

Best nutrition in both food intake and treats is vital for maintaining a healthy and happy furry friend.

To start with, skin and coat health are the first indicators of better nutrition. Your pet will start shinning resulting from feeding it with the best nutrition. Besides, vitamins and minerals help in fighting diseases. Also, getting enough proteins will help the German shepherd to have healthy muscles. While buying dog food, it is important to remember that the differences in prices can translate to a difference in your pup’s health and quality.

Nutritional Needs of German shepherd

Even though your dog will need satisfying food, it might not be the best for them. Each breed has its dietary requirements. For instance, a young German shepherd will need something different from a mature one that is hardworking and exercising. What will you consider when making a decision on what to feed your German shepherd?

The size of the dog

Reports by AKC breed standard indicate that German shepherd is among the huge breeds measuring up to 26 inches at the shoulder. Males can weigh up to 88 pounds, while females fall into a range of between 49 and 71 pounds. According to AKC, the size of the dog determines its food requirements. But you should not just stuff the dog with anything you find, go for quality products.

The age

Large body size translates to high energy requirements. It is important to feed your German shepherd with right nutritional requirements during its developmental stages. Puppies need protein and calcium in high quantities. However, you will need to ensure you are feeding them with high-quality feeds and food that is suitable for the age.

German shepherd Feeding Guidelines

Many vets advise you not assess the bowl but the dog itself when deciding on how much to feed it. That means you should be aware of body size, condition, and shape as the main determinants of the quantity of food you should offer her.

If you notice it increasing the weight, you should reduce the amount of calories they consume. It would be best if you start by reducing the treats you have been feeding her. If she is still adding weight, you will have to consider minimizing the amount of she takes regularly. On the other side, if your dog seems not to be fairing well, it is likely you are underfeeding her and thus it would be essential to adjust her feeding schedule.

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