Blackbird Facts For Kids

A bird famous for its magnificent and soothing voice, blackbird mesmerizes its listeners through singing in the forest. As the name suggests, blackbird is completely black together with yellow beak gives a unique look. So let’s read some of the interesting blackbird facts for kids.

Blackbird Facts For Kids

  • The white blackbirds are known as Albinos and the most popular of these are called partial Albinos. There are colorless spots all over the black body (feathers) of partial Albinos which is why they are called by this name.
  • One of the strange facts about blackbird is that if a blackbird feels any potential threat either from the air or from the ground, the mom alarms her babies by uttering unique and dissimilar sounds (depending upon the line of attack from the predator).
  • After hearing this very sound from their mom, the hatchlings will make out on their own that the threat is from below or from the flying predator.
  • Once blackbird took a branch or a stick in her mouth (bill) and brushed off the field from snow.

Blackbird facts for kids

  • Blackbirds like to scare birds of small size. However, they run off if a European starling approaches.
  • They have extremely hard bills and can easily explore what’s beneath the soil and to extract insects. The shade of bill is yellowish-orange among males.
  • As autumn season approaches, the sleek plumage of male blackbirds gives a shimmering appearance which diminishes with the passage of time.
  • The shade of eye-rings is golden but this shade is darker among males.
  • Even though blackbird is an animated bird and very popular for its singing ability, but this bird is equally cagey when it comes to imminent danger. In no time, blackbird flutters into the air when the predator looms.
  • Blackbird has a tempting voice and the bird chants in order to mark her territory or indicate potential threat or to pair off.
  • The household cat seems to be the greatest threat to blackbirds but they produce many offspring every year so that their population is not disturbed.
  • During chilly weather conditions, blackbird shakes its feathers so that cold does not affect it.
  • The color of feathers in a female blackbird puts her out of sight especially when the bird is hidden inside the leaves.

Distribution and Habitat

  • Though majority of the blackbirds live in inhabited settlements but they are spread out at a large scale.
  • They are quite common in wooded areas however during 1800s the bird flutters to the city green regions where earthworms become part of their happy meal.
  • They are also found at the beaches of islands in Scotland but they fancy living under the trees for most of the time probably under two hundred yards.
  • The population of blackbird grows on marshlands and wide open regions playgrounds in order to seek refuge within hedge plants. Lastly, they are found in high mountains of mainland Europe.

Feeding Ecology and Diet

Blackbirds find their meal under the hedge plants, lumbers and various parks. One of the basic things in the happy menu of blackbirds consists of worms, snail and creepy-crawlies including slugs. You’ll often find this bird looking for caterpillars inside trees, leaves and garbage. Besides, it also fancies eating some fruits like berries, apples particularly during fall.

Quick Guide To Blackbird Facts For Kids

Weight: 113 grams

Length: Ten inches

Size of Wingspan: Almost 5 inches

Eggs: 3 to 5

Lifetime: 16 years

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