Can Dogs Have CBD?

CBD is trending worldwide as one of the top health and wellness products. In most instances, health and wellness products are primarily targeted at people, not animals. The wonderful thing about CBD is that it can help your furry friends recover from physical conditions and injuries, just like humans.

One of the most common queries of modern pet owners is whether dogs can safely consume CBD or not. The answer is a resounding yes.

Can Dogs Have CBD?

What Is CBD

CBD, which is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol, is one of the two active ingredients of the marijuana plant that provides health benefits. CBD products are preferred worldwide because they provide the health benefits of marijuana without the notorious marijuana high.

People consume CBD for a wide range of medical conditions starting from headaches, physical pain to convulsions and more. When treating your dog with CBD for the same medical conditions, avoid feeding it any form of marijuana products.

What you need to keep in mind when considering CBD treatment for dogs is that THC, another ingredient present in marijuana, doesn’t have the same physiological effects on animals and humans. You cannot expect the desired results by feeding your dog marijuana-infused products. You need to choose CBD supplements that have been separately extracted from marijuana plants.

What Effects Does CBD Have On Dogs?

By and large, the positive effects of CBD are very similar between humans and dogs. In humans, CBD is absorbed by the body’s metabolism that triggers the positive effects of CBD in the human body. The same goes for dogs, with CBD helping treat pain, seizures, anxiety, and other medical conditions like cancer common in humans and dogs.

Dogs tend to get sleepy and tired when they first take CBD treatment, but their bodies get accustomed in time. Other than drowsiness, some medical studies indicate that CBD treatments increase the level of alkaline phosphatase (ALP) in animal livers. Still, there are no indications that this has any adverse effect on your pet’s health.

Complications and Choosing the Right Product

Choosing CBD products for your pet is a bit more complex than choosing a CBD product for yourself. CBD doesn’t react well when combined with certain medications for animals like NSAID pain relievers. Price is also a significant factor as many people opt for cheap CBD products which are not as potent as their pricier counterparts, with many of them containing compounds harmful to your pet’s health.

There are different types of CBD products for animals available in the market. Keeping the above complications in mind, Here’s a rundown of some of the most common ones:

  • CBD Oil —

The safest and most ideal CBD medication solution for your beloved pet is CBD oil. Organic CBD products work best with animals, and CBD oil the perfect candidate that meets this criterion since other CBD products for pets may contain chemicals or other solvents. CBD oil can be given to your dog alongside other prescription drugs without worrying about any adverse effects.

Thankfully, CBD oil is commonplace in most dispensaries across North America. If you want, you can easily buy CBD oil in Canada.

  • CBD Dog Treats —

If your dog has an aversion to medicine, then one way to ensure it takes its daily CBD supplement without causing a fuss is CBD dog treats. These treats are just the same as regular treats, except CBD is thrown in the mix.

CBD dog treats come in many forms and flavors and are often stocked by pet stores and certain animal dispensaries.

  • CBD Pet Chews —

If your dog is of a small breed, then it’s best to opt for CBD pet chews instead of dog treats. Pet chews contain less CBD content than CBD dog treats. This feature makes chews ideal for small dogs as you can avoid giving them a higher dosage than what is ideal for them. Pet chews also tend to be cheaper than CBD dog treats, saving you a lot of money down the line. 

Help Your Pet by with CBD Supplements

If your pet suffers from any of the medical conditions mentioned in this article, you should consider using CBD treatment as a supplement or alternative to prescription drugs. It will help your pet deal with pain much better without risking its health. Whatever you decide to do, consult with a vet first before starting treatment. 

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