Can You Use CBD To Your Pets? What Are Its Benefits? 

The benefits you can experience from pet ownership will surely outweigh the challenges associated with the responsibility. Having a pet can become your platform to get more exercise, meet new people, and ward off depression. A pet can also teach you valuable life skills, such as responsibility, compassion, and patience.  

However, being a pet owner isn’t always easy as this responsibility will require you to look after your pet’s health. As a pet owner, you should make sure that your pet stays happy and healthy all the time, and this is something that CBD products can help you with. CBD or cannabidiol is a product derived from hemp plants, and which is known to provide the following benefits to pets: 

  • Reduces Anxiety 

It’s common for pet owners to feel sad whenever they’re not with their pets. But, are you aware that your four-legged friend also feels the same way?  Whenever you leave home for work or errands, your pet will experience separation anxiety. The same happens when you place your pet in an unfamiliar environment. When left untreated, this can trigger behavioral problems and cause your pet to become more aggressive as they age.

Dog treats and cannabis leaves isolated over white background - CBD and medical marijuana for pets concept
Dog treats and cannabis leaves isolated over white background – CBD and medical marijuana for pets concept

Reducing anxiety is one CBD benefit your pet can enjoy when you start administering the product to them. CBD products can help calm your pet and keep stress at bay, especially when they’re alone or placed in unfamiliar environments. This works because CBD encourages the production of serotonin in your pet’s brain. This neurotransmitter is responsible for your animal companion’s mood and social behavior. Having normal levels of serotonin in their brain will make it much easier for your pet to manage stress and reduce anxiety.  

  • Helps Battle Cancer 

According to statistics, over six million dogs and cats are diagnosed with cancer every year. This disease doesn’t always come with visible symptoms, lessening the chances of pets to seek treatment early and survive. This is the reason why cancer has become the leading cause of death among cats and dogs.  

If you want to provide your pet a cancer-free life, consider introducing CBD products to their daily routine. One study has found out that CBD can stop the growth of cancer cells in the body and prevent them from multiplying. CBD is also known to encourage the death of cancer cells in animals by blocking their energy source.    

  • Relieves Pain 

Just like human beings, pets can also experience pain. Often, the more active the pet is, the more susceptible they are to body pain. But, unlike humans, pets don’t have any way of directly telling their owners which parts of their bodies hurt and how serious the problem is.  

Instead of waiting for your pet to give you signals and guess which body part hurts, regularly give them CBD. Since ancient times, CBD has been known to manage pain because of its anti-inflammatory properties. The cannabinoid has the ability to soothe aching joints and muscles, and prevent body pains from worsening. And, because CBD is a natural supplement, long-term use of this product will not lead to dependency or tolerance. This means that even if you give CBD to your pet every day, they can still experience positive results in the same dosage. 

Pets food with hemp. Medical marijuana cannabis cbd oil.
Pets food with hemp. Medical marijuana cannabis cbd oil
  • Increases Appetite 

Your pet needs proper nutrition in order to stay healthy. Protein, for example, is essential to your dog’s bodily functions, skin health, tissue repair, and muscle development. However, regardless of how protein-enriched their meals are, if they don’t even touch their bowls because they don’t have the appetite, all of your efforts will be useless.  

When you notice that your pet no longer eats as much or skips their meals regularly, it might be best if you introduce CBD to their diet. CBD products can promote healthier eating habits among pets and reduce any discomfort caused by the loss of hunger. Moreover, CBD products can effectively treat nausea-related vomiting, making it easy for your pet to start eating again.  

  • Relieves Symptoms Of Arthritis 

When your pet starts to age, their body will become weak. During this phase, they’ll be prone to common illnesses that can adversely affect their quality of life. Senior dogs, for example, are prone to developing osteoarthritis. Once diagnosed, this disease will cause limping, lameness, tiredness, and irritability in pets. Being diagnosed with osteoarthritis can even become the reason why your pet won’t have the vigor to play and stay active.  

There are many ways pet owners can help relieve the symptoms of arthritis in pets, and using CBD products is one of them. CBD contains pain-relieving properties that can help manage pain caused by arthritis. When used regularly, CBD can help your pet get back on their playful selves again!   

  • Promotes Better Sleep 

Pets, regardless of age and breed, require sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause your pet to become lethargic, agitated, and moody. Lack of sleep can also delay your pet’s recovery from injuries and critical diseases. Over time, lack of sleep can also become the reason why your pet will grow weak and become more susceptible to nerve issues and cardiovascular diseases. 

Aside from making sure that your pets have a comfortable place to rest, giving them CBD products regularly can also ensure that they always get a good night’s sleep. CBD promotes better sleep among pets because this product can treat two of the most common cause of insomnia—anxiety and body pain. It’ll be challenging for your pet to fall asleep if they’re too stressed or if their body is in too much pain.  

CBD can help calm your pet’s mind and body, making it very easy for them to sleep throughout the night and enjoy the benefits of maintaining a healthy sleeping habit!   

Talk To Your Vet  

Countless studies have proven how beneficial CBD is for pets. Some pet owners would even choose to swap over-the-counter medications for CBD products. If you’re thinking of doing the same soon, make sure to consult your vet first. The professional will recommend the best CBD products for your pet and ensure that they’ll never be harmed throughout the process.  

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