Canine Careers: How Dog Lovers Can Make a Living

There’s no doubt about it; many of us are obsessed with dogs! Millions of households across the US have a canine friend. If you’re one of them, you’ll already understand the love and companionship your pooch brings. While many of us are content with just owning a pet, others decide they want to spend every waking hour around dogs. Why not find a career that allows you to do just that? Here are some fantastic careers where you can make a living by working with dogs.

Dog Sitter

There are millions of dogs all over the country, with many believing they’re the owner of the house! While canines can lay around and watch the world go by, their owners have to go to work to bring the money in for food and treats. This means there are lots of households crying out for dog sitters to look after their best friend when they’re not at home. Dog sitters can also step in when a family is on vacation. There aren’t any specific requirements to become a dog sitter. However, a pet sitter certification will make you stand out from other candidates.

Dog Walker

For dog lovers, there’s nothing quite like getting outdoors and going on a walk with your canine companion in tow. Like humans, dogs need daily exercise, which is where dog walkers come in. As a professional dog walker, you will stroll around the neighborhood with an army of hounds, and you’ll both be reaping the health benefits. There are no special requirements to become a dog walker, aside from having the physical ability and mobility to hold one or several leashes. 

Dog Groomer

We all like our dogs’ coats to look fresh and pristine. If you enjoy keeping your dog trimmed, why not consider becoming a dog groomer? You can spend your days caring for their fur and claws, helping them to look their best. To work as a dog groomer, you’ll need to attend grooming school. For those who want to run their own dog grooming business, you will need to take out pet grooming insurance to cover you. Pet grooming insurance can be found through companies like The Hartford.

Dog Trainer

Dog trainers are responsible for teaching puppies tricks as well as the basic rules of how to behave. Most dog trainers work with classes of puppies, meaning there are always new canines to meet. You can find dog trainers at competitive events, too, which evaluate dogs on various qualities, like their personal bonds and ability to form. To become a dog trainer, there are training seminars you must undertake first. You need to seek out your certification too. 

Doggy Daycare Worker

This is similar to dog sitting, but the dog comes to your home instead. Many doggy daycares deal with several pets at once, unlike dog sitters. This is a fantastic role for those who love having puppies surrounding them. You can run your own doggy daycare at home or work for a larger, existing facility. 

If you’re interested in putting your love of dogs to work, there are tons of job opportunities that enable you to work with pooches all day long. Whether you like walking, training, or the grooming side of things, make sure you have the experience and skills needed before applying for vacancies. 

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