CanvasPop – Get Custom Pet Portraits for Your Babies

Dogs are often called “man’s best friend,” and why shouldn’t they? They are loyal, sensitive, great listeners, cute, and a perfect friend to hang with. Not only is this phrase true for dogs but for all types of animals.

Animals are very simple creatures, far from the complex minds and emotions of human beings. They are extremely loyal, and if anyone treats them well, they do the same in return. Having a pet can might hold different emotions for different people.

For some, a pet might be a companion, or probably he might be his best friend. Some feel that having a pet brings them closer to nature. They have a new person to talk to, someone who gives them comfort.

Different people have different opinions about what animal is best as a pet. While a vast majority of the population favors a cat or a dog, there are many who find birds, mice, rabbits, squirrels, fish, to name a few, equally pleasing. A few even have more exotic tastes and lean towards the not so common pets like snakes, tigers, and you should get it.


Why Get Pet Portraits?

Pets are part and parcel of our daily lives and an important family member. They provide us, not only with companionship but also with emotional support, to reduce our stress levels, sense of loneliness, help us to increase our social activities.

And add to self-esteem and positive emotional development. In return, as responsible pet owners, we need to ensure that they stay healthy, fit, get nutritious food, love and affection, and proper housing and care. Although having a pet means an added responsibility, pet owners will never attest to it. Having a pet is similar to having a child, and a baby is never a responsibility for mothers.

Since pets mean so much to us, we would always love to keep them close. And photographs are the best medium for preserving memories. Have you ever thought about getting custom pet portraits for your babies? Then you must surely visit CanvasPop. At CanvasPop, you can create a custom pet portrait in a quick and hassle-free manner without even needing to hire an artist.

What is CanvasPop?

Haven’t heard about CanvasPop? Then you are missing out something really cool. CanvasPop is an online service that lets you transform any picture that you take into a customized canvas print.

Do you want to preserve your memories as portraits on your wall, CanvasPop is the place for you? They provide you with great design, amazing photography, and stunning digital art to ensure that their product is the highest quality possible.

Even if you have a low-resolution image, CanvasPop will help you get a good quality canvas photo print that will be worthy of showcasing in a gallery and that too at affordable prices. It also comes finished with handmade wooden frames and equipment for hassle-free installation.


Why not buy from others offering similar services?

Here a few points that make CanvasPop stand out from their competitions and make them the best choice.

  • Free digital proofs: You are provided with a digital proof which allows you to see what you are getting, instead of getting a surprise gift.
  • Your own personal designer: Others only provide you with E-mail only support or call center reps that might be able to help you track your order. But on CanvasPop, you get a personal designer to get advice from and help get your order perfect.
  • World-class customer support: CanvasPop prides themselves for their customer support and Lifetime Love Guarantee. You either love their product, or you can get it exchanged or get your money back.
  • The best quality prints in the world: Their prints are made on industry-grade canvas, and they use the best quality installation hardware. Their photo canvas prints are made to last 100 years, ensuring they don’t end up in the landfill, and all shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard.
  • Photo to Canvas Print Experts: The process of converting a photo to a canvas print is completely handmade by real people. The designers fine-tune the photo, remove red-eye, adjust colors, and crop the image to fit the canvas photo print perfectly. Want to print low-resolution images or photos from Facebook and Instagram? They even have provisions for that.


CanvasPop is very popular among its customers, as is evident from the positive feedback that they receive. One of the main differentiating factors of CanvasPop from other services is its print quality. The images are beautifully resized without any blurring or pixilation. The finished product truly resembles a piece of art. The user experience is very smooth, and it is quite easy to place an order. Also, their guarantee makes them a great option to try out.

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