CBD Dosing For Dogs

From chronic pain, inflammation, and joint problems to anxiety and muscular dysfunction, CBD helps address multiple issues in dogs. Its efficacy and significantly fast results make it a perfect choice for emergencies. However, this option should be considered only when necessary. A vet could guide you in cushioning your dog against various health complications in the long run. At the same time, it would be best to understand the correct dosage. Read more about this on Cbdclinicals.com.

Aspects That Determine the Dosage

Various elements go into determining the proper dosage for your dog. Investing in the correct dosage ensures that your dog gets the utmost from the CBD oil or tincture. The following aspects will ensure that your dog receives the right dosage.

  • Age: Your dog’s age is vital as it affects metabolism in the long run. Most experts suggest that the dosage decreases with the dog’s age. Remember, smaller and younger dogs are more active, meaning their metabolic rate is significantly high. For example, suppose two dogs, a four-year-old and a 6-year-old, weigh 60 pounds each. In that case, you need to give the younger one 0.75ml of CBD while the older one gets 50ml of CBD.
  • Weight: Weight has a direct impact on metabolism. It will also affect the amount of CBD that the body can synthesize. In most cases, an increase in weight implies that you have to raise the dosage. Increased weight makes the dog more resilient, withstanding a higher amount of CBD in the body. According to theveritasfarms.com, you need to increase the dosage by 2g for every ten-pound increase in weight.
  • Gender: The gender of your dog will most likely affect how much CBD you give it. Usually, it would be best to consider increasing the dosage when handling male dogs. These dogs have a higher resilience rate, requiring an increased dosage to get the desired effect. Besides, male dogs can comfortably withstand the results of a higher dosage. However, be careful not to overdo it.
  • Condition: You cannot use the same dosage to treat different health conditions. It would help to invest in higher dosages to treat extensive health complications. For instance, the amount given to an anxious dog should not be similar to that given to a dog suffering from inflammation.
  • Concentration: CBD concentration in CBD products will always differ. Some products have a higher concentration than others. For this reason, it would help to reduce the dosage if the CBD product has a high CBD concentration. You might also need to compare the labels on the product to get the correct dosage in the long run.

The insights above are based on an 800-gram CBD dosage. Thus, the amount is considered safe, effective, and healthy for dogs. On the other hand, you will need the 400-gram option if you want to treat a cat.

Dog taking CBD Hemp Oil from Tincture Dropper

Tips for CBD Dosing for Dogs

A streamlined experience will ensure that your dog gets the satisfaction and results they desire. Yet, you will need to consider various tips for this result to be held for a more extended period. The following tips will come in handy.

  • Be consistent: Consistency is critical in ensuring that your dog gets to the health level you envision. You need to give it the CBD product per the vet’s prescription, failing at no point. You will also have to be precise in measuring this product. It will cushion the dog against unwanted health complications.
  • Slight increases help: There are instances when the prescribed amount does not offer the results you expect. In this case, you could consider increasing the amount into small portions. Slight increases will assure you of steady results. However, once you increase the amount, you need to monitor your pet. The addition should be no more than half the dosage at a time.
  • Decide between chews and oil: While most people will suggest CBD chews and treats, the decision rests on you. You understand what will work best for your pet. However, treats and chews are easier to incorporate into your dog’s everyday diet.

Always prioritize the health of your pet. You will need to use different approaches to ensure that it is healthy and developing well. Offering the correct dosage will guarantee you better health and quality results. The insights above will guide you.

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