CBD for Cats: Tips for Pet Owners

If you are a concerned owner of an anxious pet, you might have stumbled upon CBD during your research. Many people around the world use this non-intoxicating substance to keep their pets happy, healthy, and calm. Yes, it’s true – CBD can help your cat cope with anxiety and some other issues.  

If your cat is aggressive, hides from you, or has frequent mood changes, there might be many causes for that, including conditions such as mood and anxiety disorders. In such a case, you can consider using CBD oil to help your furry friend feel more at ease. 

But before you go looking for the best product for your cat, you might want to learn a little bit more about it. If you’re asking yourself questions such as “can cats take CBD?”, why you should use it, and how exactly it can help your cat, here’s everything you need to know. 

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a substance derived from cannabis plants, and it can have a highly beneficial effect on the health and overall well-being of humans and animals alike. Both you and your cat have the same system in your body called the endocannabinoid system. It plays a major role in almost any process, helping the cells do their job. 

If something goes wrong – for example, you experience a lot of stress – things can get out of hand. You may start acting very emotionally or shut down and allow your anxiety to take better of you. The same can happen to your beloved cat, as pets can experience a similar range of emotions as humans. 

In such a case, your cannabinoid system may need some help, and CBD can provide it. While no major conclusive research has yet been conducted on the effects that CBD has on humans and animals, some sources suggest that it can be very beneficial. To see how exactly cannabidiol can help your cat’s anxiety, let’s take a look into some of the most important effects of this substance.

CBD Has Anti-Inflammatory and Pain-Relieving Properties

Sometimes, it can be hard to find out what is going on with your cat. After all, cats are considered to be masters when it comes to hiding. However, even if you only suspect that your cat may be in pain, don’t hesitate to contact your vet to figure out what it is suffering from, and look for the right medications. 

You can consider using CBD to relieve pain and support a healthy inflammation response – it might be of great help. CBD can act on a variety of biological processes in the body, so you can try using it as an additional form of support for your cat, but only after consulting the vet first.

CBD Helps Regulate Emotional Responses and Stress

Sometimes, despite a safe and loving environment and proper care, cats can still remain aggressive and anxious. Luckily, CBD may help with that. Several studies suggest that cannabidiol has a positive effect on people suffering from anxiety. It can also help relieve daily stress. 

Because cats are also mammals, CBD can be an effective solution that will allow you to minimize your pet’s anxiety and provide relief. It works by triggering the adenosine and serotonin receptors of the cat’s brain. It can be used either situationally or as a long-term method of helping your stressed furry friend.

CBD Can Help Treat Feline Epilepsy

If your cat has epilepsy, you may know that anxiety can trigger seizures. CBD is known as a neuroprotector which makes it a great choice for owners who want to help their cats that experience epilepsy or other seizures. 

Still, it’s important to keep in mind that currently, no direct studies have determined the effects of CBD use in cats with seizures. However, there is research proving that CBD has anticonvulsant and antiepileptic properties in humans and canines. 

Because CBD engages with the body’s endocannabinoid system, it prompts an anti-inflammatory response. As a result, CBD may help reduce the severity of feline seizures, reduce pain, and decrease damage to nerve tissues.

Is CBD Safe for Cats?

If you are thinking about trying CBD to support your beloved pet’s health but are wondering whether it’s safe for cats, it’s time to clear any doubts. While cannabidiol and its effect on humans’ and animals’ health are not fully researched yet, and more studies still need to be performed, CBD is generally considered a safe substance. 

It won’t make you or your cat high, it’s non-toxic, and it’s generally well-tolerated. It’s also important to stick to an adequate dosage. Besides following the manufacturer’s instructions, you should consult with a vet before administering CBD-infused treats or CBD oil to your cat.

Remember that CBD products can still cause side effects – that can happen if you administer the wrong dose, buy a low-quality product, or use it in combination with some other medications. Side effects include diarrhea, fatigue, and changes in appetite and weight. To avoid them, make sure to calculate the correct dosage, buy only from trusted manufacturers, and consult your vet beforehand. 

In Conclusion

Nowadays, many people take CBD and give it to their pets as a cure for numerous health issues. However, some are still unsure whether administering CBD to cats is a good idea. The truth is that this natural substance is considered to be safe for both humans and felines, and while giving it a try might cause some side effects, it’s not likely to cause any harm.

This means that if your pet experiences anxiety, aggression, or behavioral changes, CBD oil may help with that. Not only will it calm your feline friend, but it may also deal with the cause, including inflammation, pain, or stress. When giving your cat CBD, make sure to stick to the correct dosage and stay in contact with your vet  – this way, you will be sure that you did everything properly. 

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