CBD for Dogs: Ultimate Guide for Pet Parents

It is natural to get attached to the pets you spend your time with. They are just like a mood booster, helping you destress. How not to take care of such an essential member of your family who is the reason to bring a smile to everyone’s face. You should know when your pets are not feeling well and when they need your help; it’s your responsibility to take care of them. No one likes medicine because they carry a potential chance of side effects, likewise for pets. Pets too suffer from mental and physical health issues, and CBD is a go-to treatment for all these problems.

What Can CBD for Dogs Help?

CBD is definitely a magical cure for everyone. Being effective on humans, it is similarly effective for pets too. You should always be aware of the signs and symptoms of your pet’s health issues. Here are some of the health issues your pet may be suffering from. The research on benefits of CBD oil for pets is currently limited, but they may help relieve some condition-related symptoms, explains Markita Lewis, MS., RD.

Relieve Pain

Pets may experience pain due to injury, arthritis, or age. You can notice that they are in pain by watching their behaviour. If they are not as active as before or see a difference in their walking or eating habits, it may reflect their pain. For situations like this, CBD for dogs work as an analgesic. CBD oil helps ease pain by affecting pain modulation centres in the peripheral and central nervous systems. You can either directly massage on the affected part of your pet’s body with oil or just add it to their treat.

Improve Cardiovascular Health

Your pets may suffer from cardiovascular health problems like valvular heart disease, heartworm, dilated cardiomyopathy, etc. CBD for dogs help prevent such problems by reducing the disruption in blood flow to the left ventricle, preventing cell damage, and reducing oxidative stress, muscle inflammation, and fibrosis. A few drops of CBD oil can work wonders for your pet’s health.

Reduce Anxiety

According to Harvard Health Publishing, CBD is a potent drug to treat anxiety. Pets suffer from anxiety, and their emotions are no different from humans. They feel the same stress and emotions just like we do. It is crucial to know what your pets are going through. An unusual behaviour like dog shaking and barking excessively, depicts the onset of anxiety and stress, which can happen for a variety of reasons like separation anxiety, illness-induced anxiety, and generalized anxiety. CBD oil can bind with endocannabinoid receptors in the brain in pets like dogs which are known to reduce the effect of anxiety and stress.

Support The Immune System

Weaken immune system makes your pet’s body susceptible to diseases. They may encounter many diseases as they grow, which is a sign of weak immunity. CBD oil is known to improve pets’ immunity and helps fight many health conditions. So to help your dog recover from disease or give a boost to their immunity, make sure you provide them CBD on a timely basis to help them stay strong physically.

Recommended CBD Dosage for Dogs

No pets are alike, although you feel everyone is alike. Every dog is different and so are their requirement. Two same breed dogs may suffer the same disease but with different intensities, so make sure you know the dosage you need to give your dogs. It depends upon their age and weight. The recommended dosage is 2 mg of CBD for every 10 lbs which is the minimum dosage.

Does CBD Cause Side Effects in Dogs?

Your pet may suffer from side effects, but they are usually on negligible levels. These side effects may appear when given more than the recommended amount. Some of the known side effects warned by Jennifer Anyabuine, a medical writer from HealthCanal are:

  • Dry mouth.

  • Low blood pressure.

  • Drowsiness.

  • Nausea and vomiting.

  • Laziness.

  • Itching.

  • Upset stomach.

  • Diarrhoea.

So it is always recommended to start with the minimum possible dosage. See what dosage works for your pet, and then increase the doses accordingly.


Pets are being whose physical and mental health matters. Being a pet parent, it is essential to know when your pets are not feeling well. They may suffer from both physical and mental illnesses. Treat them the right way. CBD oil is a powerful solution to all your pets’ problems, from reducing anxiety to boosting immunity. Your dog may also be suffering from arthritic pain, so choose the best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis. This will help ease all the pain associated with bones and joints.

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