CBD Pet Foods Are Everywhere But Are They Legal?

CBD has become a popular topic of discussion for those within the health and wellness communities. While CBD supplements were once something that we knew little about and were used by a small group of people, this has all changed over the last few years, with CBD becoming one of the most widely used supplements.

CBD supplements can now be found everywhere, from your local pharmacy and health food store to online retailers such as PureKana. As an increasingly large quantity of people are using CBD supplements, the question is whether these supplements could also be useful for pets.

Many brands now offer CBD for dogs and CBD for cats. Brands like PureKana make it easy to stock up on all of your favorite CBD products while also picking up something for your furry friends.

The media places a tremendous amount of focus on CBD for humans, discussing its effects and legality. You might also be wondering whether CBD products, such as CBD-infused pet food, is  legal for pets in your country or how these products could benefit your pets.

CBD Pet Food

So, is CBD pet food legal in different countries around the world?

CBD Pet Foods in the USA

The seminal 2018 Farm Bill, also known as The Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, states that hemp CBD products are legal to use across the USA. The Farm Bill set certain restrictions and regulations that must be followed for CBD products to be considered legal.

What the 2018 Farm Bill did not actually do, though, was make specific mention of Purekana CBD for pets. In practical terms, this means that CBD for pets is not legal on a federal level. States have, however, created their own legislation, making CBD pet products legal on a state level.

CBD brands within the USA can sell CBD pet products under the term ‘CBD hemp supplements’. Brands must ensure that their CBD pet products contain no more than 0.3% THC in order for them to be considered hemp extract supplements.

CBD Pet Foods around the World

Each country has different laws and regulations governing the production, sale, and use of CBD pet foods and supplements. In the UK, for example, CBD-infused pet foods cannot contain more than 0.2% THC in order for them to be considered legal.

The rules are even simpler and less restrictive in Canada, where CBD oils and products are legal and can be purchased for pets both online and from local pet stores.

Five Ways That Your Pets Can Benefit from CBD-Infused Foods

#1. Boost Cannabinoid Levels to Support Their Immune System

Our bodies – and our pet’s bodies – naturally produce cannabinoids used in the endocannabinoid system. Problems can occur when the endocannabinoid system does not have a sufficient level of cannabinoids, and therefore cannot work to its full potential.

Adding CBD-infused foods to your pet’s regular diet is a great way to boost their cannabinoid levels and ensure that their endocannabinoid and immune systems are working to their fullest.

#2. Focus on Healthier Ingredients

CBD brands tend to have a much greater focus on using healthier ingredients and carefully thinking through the health implications of their recipes and foods. Many brands, such as PureKana, use human-grade ingredients, ensuring that you are giving your pets the very best.

#3. Can Help to Manage Anxiety and Stressful Situations

CBD has been found to help manage both chronic and temporary anxiety and stress. If you have a pet that tends to suffer from anxiety or does not cope well in partially stressful situations, infusing their food with CBD supplements can help naturally manage these problems.

#4. A Natural Pain Remedy

One of the most common reasons that humans use CBD is to manage pain using 100% natural methods. Very similar effects are thought to occur in pets, meaning that CBD can be used as a natural form of pain relief. For pets that suffer from chronic pain, switching out their regular pet food for a CBD-infused option could go a long way in managing their pain levels.

#5. Discreet and Tasty

We all know that pets are not the best when it comes to taking medications and supplements. Most supplements come in capsules or copper form and it can be somewhat of a challenge to give them to your pet each day. CBD food solves this problem, being subtle and tasty enough that your pet does not know they are consuming a supplement. They might even enjoy it

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