Cost Effective Ways to Protect Your Garden

Fresh grown vegetables and fruit from your garden are just one of the simple treasures to enjoy in life. As you sit in your lawn chair and gaze at all the ripe red tomatoes growing on the vine, or the whopping heads of lettuce getting fatter every day, it’s hard to get mad at the little bitty bunny that is burrowing itself near your rows of carrots. It’s such a quaint scene, until you realize that your crowns of romaine have been munched on and are slowly withering away, or your newly grown ears of corn have been eaten by a mysterious creature. 

It’s not right. You do all that hard work to supply your household with good, nutritious and fresh food, just so some wayward and unwanted pests devour it before it ever leaves your garden. 

How do you keep this from happening? Do you spray pesticides? Do you build a deer fence around your garden for protection? How can you keep your garden safe and not spend a fortune on professional gardeners? Here are just a few guidelines to help you along and still stay cost effective.

  • Hygiene

If you have ever had to try to protect your garden from pests, then you will understand why it is very important to keep your garden clean from any debris that might attract furry guests. By removing any excess dead leaves or food from your garden, you are eliminating any food that might attract mice, raccoons, deer, or moles. 

By keeping an eye on how much water you feed your plants, you manage to stop any pests from finding a drink inside your plant beds. With all the different types of pests that can invade your garden, you need to stay aware of how your garden looks and is perceived by vermin. Watch out for weeds that can attract bugs and other insects too. Keeping your garden fresh and beautiful can help you keep your produce longer and healthier. 

  • Contrasting Plants

Did you know that there are some plants that actually keep or repel pests away? When considering what to plant in your garden or what is already there, try to grow some greenery that will prevent certain pests from entering your garden. 

Planting herbs, such as mint or basil, can actually deter mosquitoes, spiders, and ants from swarming on your leaves. The smell of marigolds and chrysanthemums can drive back those little bunnies, as well as repel any lice or other bugs. With a bit of research, you can naturally ward off a multitude of pests and enhance your garden at the same time.


  • DIY Pesticide

Pesticides will definitely keep away your garden pests, but sometimes they are not conducive to your budget or to your lifestyle. If you have children or pets, many of the chemicals that pesticides use are extremely poisonous. Some may even hurt your plants. 

For a more cost-effective solution, try making your pesticide with natural ingredients that you can find at home or from a grocery store. One of the simplest solutions requires only water, mild dish soap (with no phosphates), and baking soda. By mixing this up in a spray bottle and using it daily, you can keep your plants bug-free and keep your pets and children safe too!

There are also essential oils that can be used as well. Peppermint and garlic are also especially useful when it comes to keeping animals out of your garden. There are numerous options. You just have to research the information and buy a couple of spray bottles. 

  • Fences and Nets

When all else fails, you may have to build a fence around your garden or cover it with a net. Though these may sound expensive, you can find materials to work within your budget. You can use old pallets, or repurposed doors, or even hedges or bushes, to build a barrier. Hog wire is very inexpensive for fencing as many ranchers use it to keep their livestock in. Bamboo can also be grown and used. However, be careful to not grow the kind that can exasperate your garden. Look around your community or online for any kind of resource that might help. You never know what you might find. 


If you want to keep your garden free from pests in a cost-effective way, try some of the helpful hints here. Whether it’s making your own pesticide, or growing special plants, you can easily keep those pests far away. With all the time and effort that you put into growing a garden and maintaining it, you don’t need something else enjoying the fruits of your labor. 


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