Does It Matter What Shampoo You Use For Your Dog?

Although your dog is just like any other member of your family, sharing your living spaces, your sofa and even your bed, there’s something you shouldn’t be sharing with your furry friend – your human shampoo! Although human shampoo is essential for keeping your own hair in good condition, most types of human shampoo products contain chemicals which can harm the sensitive skin of your dog.

Luckily, there are plenty of grooming products out there which are pet-friendly and which are perfect for your pet’s own unique skin and needs. Dog shampoo cleans your pet’s coat of insects and germs, while also adding vitamins and nutrients for optimal health.

Dog shampoos aren’t all the same, however. If you choose the wrong one you could harm your pet rather than helping him. If you make the right choice, however, your dog’s coat will be shiny and bright for many weeks to come.

When making your choice of shampoo for your dog, here are some things to keep in mind to help you make the right choice.

Does Your Pet Have Problem Skin?

If your pooch has flaky, itchy or drug skin, you should choose a moisturizing dog shampoo. Never choose a scented shampoo as this will usually contain chemicals which could cause more irritation to your pet. Choose a product made with natural ingredients like vitamin E, honey and oatmeal. If your pet’s skin becomes worse or continues, or wore, develops red lumps and bumps, talk to your vet about using additional treatments or medicated shampoos.

Does Your Pet Have Fleas Or Ticks?

There are many products available to purchase today which can prevent against and kill parasites like ticks and fleas. However, these offer only short-term protection, however, so only use these shampoos alongside other prevention measures.

Is Your Pet A Puppy?

If your dog is a puppy, it’s important to seek out a dog shampoo specifically made for young dogs. A puppy shampoo will be gently, made using a no-tear formula like those used in baby shampoos so they won’t irritate your puppy’s eyes.

Does Your Pet Have A Bad Odor?

Dogs can be very smelly. They get into food and garbage and roll in disgusting things while out walking! If you have a very smelly pet, a deodorizing shampoo is the best choice as it will eliminate any unwanted odors instead of simply covering them up.

Is Your Pet’s Coat Dull or Lusterless?

If your pet has poor health or a poor diet, their coat can be lustreless and dull. It’s possible to bring their coat’s shine back by using a nourishing dog shampoo made with proteins, vitamins and minerals.

What Color is Your Pet?

Do you have a light colored or white pet? If so, you can choose a specialty shampoo which has whiteners or brighteners to guard against fading and yellow while also improving their coat’s luster.

Is Your Dog’s Coat Tangled?

Does your dog have a coat which tangles easily? Then a combined shampoo and conditioner will restore maintainability and moisture. If your pet has very stubborn tangles or frizzy fur, you may want to use a separate condition once your dog has been shampooed as this will help in detangling and replenish the natural oils.

Are You Looking For Convenience?

If you’re out and about with your pet and need a quick and easy way to clean him up, waterless wipes and dry shampoos are perfect. This is also useful if your pet has an aversion to water.

Which Shampoo Ingredients Should Be Avoided?

Whatever the needs of your pet, there are plenty of products to choose from. However, not all products are equally good, as some ingredients can harm or irritate your pet’s skin. Always look out for the ingredients which are listed on each bottle before you buy. You should never choose a product with an artificial fragrance in it as this can irritate the skin and eyes of your pet. Natural fragrances like citrus, eucalyptus, lavender and chamomile are fine. Also, never use a human shampoo or conditioner. Human skin isn’t as sensitive as a dog’s skin, and human shampoo washes away natural wax and oils in the hair. While this is ok for humans, it leaves dogs’ coats brittle and dull and could even cause rashes.

How To Select A Dog Shampoo

Look out for shampoos which have natural ingredients such as aloe vera, oatmeal, citrus extracts, vitamins and herbal proteins. If you have a dog with specific needs, talk to your vet. This link will help you to choose the right shampoo for your pet.

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