Writing an Essay on Animal Rights: International Organizations You Need to Know

Animal rights is a topic that should never be avoided and thats why you need to get more information on international organisations for writing your essay.
Protecting those who are weaker and don’t have an opportunity to speak out and stand their ground is a duty of all people. Those who are presented as the main aim of this duty are animals. They were here before us and this is one of the millions of reasons why we need to protect and respect them. There is a lot you can do as a student in order to achieve harmony between your conscious and the fauna world. You can donate to various charity organisations, you can volunteer to become a part of a rescue group or at least, you can write an essay (perhaps, as a university assignment) and post it somewhere on social media in order to evoke people’s interest towards this problem.You want to be helpful and you want to take care of Mother Nature but, unfortunately, you simply don’t have time. We don’t blame you, we get it. There is always an option. You still can publish that essay so everybody can emphasise and think this issue through but it doesn’t mean that you’re the one who is supposed to write this essay. You need to find a reliable website that will help you to make a contribution to the process of protecting animal rights. Hold on, we’ve found one already for you. Just ask the most professional team “write my paper” and it will work almost like karma cleaning.
When you’re writing an essay or a paper about animal rights, you have an opportunity to present your thoughts from different angles. You can focus on the importance of animal police which will handle the situations with pets or it can be about wildlife reserve territories. No matter what you choose, you should definitely mention one-two organisations which deal with protection of animal rights. They will serve as a factual basis for your work. So what are the most influential of them?

Care for the Wild International

This organisation is relatively young. It was established in Great Britain in 1984 by Dr. Bill Jordan. The initial aim was to help fight animal cruelty in the households in West Sussex (a county situated in the south of England) and to protect homeless cats and dogs. In a couple of years, the directions of activity and involvement into various charity projects raised and now, its a powerful non-profit organisation with almost 1 million pounds annual budget. It may seem like its not enough for saving the fauna on the planetary scale, their main tool is not money though, but the influence and reputation.
“Care for the Wild International” has managed to achieve a lot and helped many endangered species to stay with us on Earth. Among their most prominent campaigns are saving turtles from being sold as food in China and preventing the illegal killing of rhinoceros (it had a significant impact on the ivory smuggling on the territory of the USA). One of the most successful and hyped up (in a good way) campaigns were revolving around the topic of global warming and its severely negative impact on the life of polar bears.

Friends of Animals

Its all in the title actually. What can we add? People who work at this organisation are extremely passionate about their job and they do treat all the animals in the world like their best friends. It all started with cats and dogs in 1957 in New York. Later, it grew into a massive international project that is investigating the cases of animals` exploitation and cruelty aimed at them at the circuses, zoos, and natural reserves.
“Friends of Animals” won a legal fight against the animal testing which was going on in the 1980s and its an incredibly important step in the development of humanity. Of course, unfortunately, we still can see multiple occasions when cosmetic brands are testing their products on animals which should be strictly forbidden by law, according to the employees of this organisation. So they don’t give up and are planning on gaining the worldwide support. Wild Law Program is yet another project of this organisation which is working with the governmental representatives in order to save endangered species throughout the world.

International Animal Rescue

While two above mentioned organisations have various purposes and global goals of protecting the whole fauna to the possible and impossible scale, “International Animal Rescue” have two simple goals and they are no less meaningful. Firstly, they rescue the animals all over the world. Secondly, they have professional facilities for their rehabilitation. For example, when an elephant gets into a trap set by a man in an Indian forest, these guys come to the rescue and then treat that poor animal. The enthusiastic and caring people established “International Animal Rescue” as a charity organisation in 1989 in Great Britain.
Nowadays, they have offices and vet-centres all over the world. Their purpose is to help animals in the countries which are too poor and disorganised to care about the wildlife. We, as humans, are supposed to preserve the nature no matter the place on the map. This organisation has been focusing lately on the protection of birds, especially those which migrate, in order to keep them safe.

International Fund for Animal Welfare

Is one of the biggest and most influential organisations in the world. It was established in Canada by a small group of people who wanted to stop the cruelty of hunting down the seal pups. Those animal-lovers realised that they have the power to do more than that and at the moment, this non-charity company is working on more than 40 projects and it has offices in about dozen countries. They were among the first to point out a major injustice in the treatment of animals and humans in the situations like natural disasters.
Of course, it`s absolutely crucial to help people in extreme conditions but abandoning pets on the territory where an earthquake or a hurricane happened is merciless as well. “International Fund for Animal Welfare” won’t let it happen. They protect all fauna representatives who can’t speak for themselves and they deserve being praised for that mission.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

When it comes to ethics, humans aren’t supposed to establish the monopoly on it. Animals deserve to be treated in a kind and respectful way. In fact, according to “PeTA” slogan, they are sure that animals are not to eat, experiment on, wear, use for entertainment or abuse in any way. I couldn’t agree more! However, they have certain conflicts with meat-eaters and fur-wearers but they do believe its all for a good cause. As far as their methods of influence and persuasion don’t include aggression and violence against steak-houses and fashion brands, their work will be extremely beneficial to the whole world.
“PeTA” management claims that this organisation is the largest in the world with 6.5 million supporters. Its good to know that so many people genuinely care about animals rights. The more empathy all the furry, fluffy, feathery creatures get, the better this world will become. And your essay may contribute to this noble movement.


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