Five tips for hiking with your dog

Going for a hike with your dog can be a lot of fun. You’ll get to relax and enjoy nature while having your companion alongside you. However, to get the most out of your hike, there are a few points to remember. Read on for five tips for hiking with your dog. 

Pack for your dog and yourself

Packing for yourself before a hike is fairly simple: walking boots, the right clothing, food and water are all easy to sort. But it’s important to remember to pack for your dog too. Treats, a bowl for your dog to drink from and a dog first aid kit are all essential. From there, it’s worth browsing dog travel accessories to see if there’s anything else that your dog could benefit from.

Know your dog’s limit

It’s important to remember your dog’s limits. If you have a smaller dog, they might not be able to walk as far as you or larger animals. Also, take into account the age of your dog – if they’re older, they might not have the stamina they used to.

Clean up after them

There’s etiquette to follow when you’re out hiking too. There are dog fouling laws in the UK and if you don’t clean up after them when they’ve been to the toilet, you could get fined. Remember to pack poop bags to avoid any nasty surprises. Also, dogs tend to get muddy on hikes so we recommend a waterproof Ruff Rug car liner to protect from mud and spills.

Prepare for the weather

You should also prepare for the weather on behalf of you and your dog. If it’s especially hot, then you should pack plenty of water. Alternatively, if it’s raining then you should pack waterproofs for both of you. Depending on the weather, you might also need to tailor your route too.

Check for ticks

Ticks can present your dog with a range of severe medical issues. And they’re usually picked up while taking walks in the countryside. After every walk, take care to check your dog all over for signs of ticks. If you notice any small lumps then it could be a tick: in this situation, you can try and twist them out if you’re confident, or you could use a tick remover to do the job.

Going on a hike with your dog makes for a relaxing break. And by following the advice above, you can ensure that your hike runs smoothly and peacefully. 

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