Giving Your Border Collie The Fur-Ever Care It Needs With These Essential Tips

A border collie is a very special breed of dog. They are known for their intelligence, energy, and need to be stimulated. This article will give you some tips on taking care of your border collie. The tips you hear should ensure it has a long, happy, and healthy life. 

Feed Them Appropriately 

You need to feed your border collies well because they require a special diet. These furry animals need a constant source of quality proteins in their meals in order to keep them healthy. The food you should offer to your pets includes beef, chicken, lamb, and turkey as they contain most of the nutrients required by these animals. It is also important to give them carbohydrates in their meals because it makes the proteins easier for them to digest.


In order to keep a border collie fit and healthy, you need to provide him with an appropriate amount of vegetables and fruits every day. These furry friends require a lot of fiber which can be found in apples, carrots, or green beans among other sources too. 

Get Them Enough Exercise 

Border collies are energetic dogs and they need lots of exercises. If they don’t get the minimum recommended daily amount, it will affect their overall well-being and health. So taking them on long walks or even playing games in your backyard is very important for taking care of a border collie dog.

You can also take advantage of taking your border collie to different places like the beach for some outdoor fun time with you! Here’s what you should do:

  • take them into large fields to run around
  • take them into nature and let them have some fun (like the hills or the woods)
  • play fetch with them wherever you go, or when you’re in the backyard
  • take them to dog parks and let them run around with other dogs
  • make their walks longer
  • make sure they’re active at least 2 hours a day

Walk Them Twice A Day

Apart from exercise, you should take this breed of dog to walk twice a day. This will help you to take proper care of border collie dogs. It is also important for their health and body conditions, as well as mental stimulation.

Be patient with them, because they’re curious and energetic. If you have never walked a dog before, it might be difficult taking your border collie pet out for walking in the beginning. Keep training them and they will get used to walking with you over time.

If possible, take different routes so that they can explore new scents each day. This is great mental stimulation as well! You should also keep an eye on their breathing during walks because dogs tend to pant heavily if there’s something wrong with them or if they’re constantly excited about going outside every morning and being active throughout the day.

Train Them Well

For both their own good and yours as well, you should train a border collie a good command of the rules in your household. This helps them understand what is acceptable and not when they are taking care of themselves, which means less time wasted on stopping their bad habits from taking ove. It will also make it easier for you to take proper care of a border collie without worrying about them getting into trouble or escaping. 

Groom Their Fur 

You’ll have to learn how to properly groom your border collie. They need to get their fur brushed once a day in order for it not to become too tangled and matted, taking care of the skin underneath which can lead to discomfort or pain.

If you’re looking into getting your dog groomed, then make sure that they are using high-quality products on them. Otherwise, if this is taking place at home by yourself with low-quality equipment, you might end up hurting them when brushing out mats! 

You should also keep an eye on whether dead nails are being cut off as well. Sometimes having careful eyes isn’t enough! Not only will keeping the nails short prevent injuries during walks but help tremendously when playing around inside or outside since longer nails can cause trouble especially on hardwood floors.

Keep Them Clean 

You need to give your border collie baths. In fact, you should probably bathe them once a week. You can do this at home or take them to the dog groomer for their bath and nail trimming. 

If taking your border collie to a professional costs too much money, then there are some other options that would work better for you. For example, if taking care of nails is giving you trouble try using an electric file on your dog’s nails instead of clipping with clippers which might cause bleeding if not done properly. 

Border collies, just like other dogs, require lots of attention. Make sure you feed them well and give them lots of exercises and walks throughout every day. Train them well so they wouldn’t be too impulsive or dangerous during the long stretches outside your home. Finally, you need to keep them clean with constant grooming and bathing so they stay clean and healthy. Have fun with your pet.

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