Graduate Student Accommodations in Bournemouth and How They Compare to Other Parts of The UK

Graduate student accommodations vary across the UK. From shared rooms to spacious suites, not all living spaces for students are equal. Additionally, what’s covered with each residence and the location can make a big difference in the experience. 

Private Vs. Shared 

When you’re a graduate student, privacy is more important than ever.  Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that living on campus is the only option for students. Many universities offer private or shared accommodation options for students who want to live alone or share their space with a friend. Many students prefer to live in a comfortable suite rather than any other open-plan living arrangement with a tiny sleeping area provided by most universities.

However, because space is limited, most public accommodations for graduate students are small. Private rooms are often only large enough for a single bed and small desk that can leave anyone feeling a bit claustrophobic.


You get basic amenities at most public student housing complexes.  The most basic places supply only the essentials. Fridges and microwaves are usually provided with these housing options, but many kitchens do not have any cooking amenities. This means that students need to bring other items with them, such as hot plates, coffeemakers, and kettles. 

However, private locations provide more than the basics, including a vacuum cleaner, small toaster, and kettle, making less packing and fewer expenses for the student.

What’s included with the Cost

Paying bills is distracting. Great accommodations know how to roll most of the charges into one to make life easier for students focused on their education. Unfortunately, not all public housing areas are all-inclusive.  Some complexes charge separately for rent and utilities. This means that when you can experience costs increasing throughout the semester, increasing stress.


Not all locations are inspiring. You’ll find few ocean or park views that are pleasant to the eye and great for relieving stress. Additionally, you may find it challenging to reach nightlife hotspots where you can unwind with other adults your age. Primate living quarters in Bournemouth are close to the campus and takeaways, shops, bars, and restaurants. 

Also, you’ll find the buildings have activities too if you’re not looking to wander too far. Winton Halls has a rear courtyard with seating perfect for lounging or completing work outside in the fresh air. Students are encouraged to bring their bicycles. Each location offers secure indoor bike storage. When the weather’s nice, you can shorten the 18-minute walk to Talbot campus by peddling to your next class. 

With student accommodations in Bournemouth, you get everything you need to succeed. You can expect limited distractions, private and semi-private sleeping quarters, comfortable and spacious living areas, and access to the essentials nearby. The key to success is immersing yourself in your studies. If you’re worried about extra expenses or distractions from loud roommates or nearby flats, your focus won’t be where it needs to be to succeed.

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