How COVID-19 Has Changed the Pet Cannabis Industry

The pet industry is considered pet resistant and that’s no secret. With how strong it emerged after the September 11, 2001 attack and the Great Recession of 2008, one shouldn’t feel surprised about how well the industry is coping with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The pet cannabis industry is no exception. Like the other sectors of the pet industry, it also seems to be quite resistant. This is why a lot of brands, like NuLeaf Naturals, are offering deals and discounts to attract more consumers.

CBD: A prominent supplement for pets during this pandemic.

More and more people are adding CBD products into their routine as a way to cope with the effects of the pandemic. Naturally, they’d want their pets to experience the same effects.

Pet owners are increasingly giving CBD to their pets to make them as comfortable as possible. CBD is quite popular for its calming effect and its ability to help reduce pain.

It’s usually given to pets that experience chronic pain, such as those who are diagnosed with arthritis and joint problems. It’s also given to reduce stress and anxiety in pets.

CBD for your PET,Did you know that our pets have an endocannabinoid system too?

E-commerce: CBD and other pet essentials are seeing growth

Obviously, with fewer people willing to go outside, online shopping for pet items experienced a surge. 

Pet owners buying grooming and bathing supplies increased. The same thing can be said about pet toys, beds, and furniture. Around 75% of veterinarians shared that their clients have switched to purchasing medications and pet food online.

And that’s not all.

Pet owners are also choosing to get their pets’ CBD supplements online. It offers convenience since they won’t have to leave their home and drive to their local dispensaries.

Unfortunately, local pet services experienced the greatest hit.

In fact, most locally owned businesses in the industry are struggling to survive. The increase in remote work and the imposed travel restrictions have made it extra hard for them to hit their target in terms of clients and sales.

Apart from that, the restrictions on in-person contact have also caused limitations on dog groomers, daycare, pet boarding, and even dog walkers.

With less income, a lot of people are also delaying those services as they struggle to make ends meet.

Feeding: Pet owners are switching to healthier options.

With the threat of the virus, pet owners are getting serious about keeping their pets as healthy as possible. From heavily processed foods, a lot of them are switching to raw options. They are giving their pets foods most made of certain vegetables and animal parts.

For some people, raw feeding comes with many benefits. They believe that it’s better than commercial pet food. It’s suggested to contribute to shinier coats, cleaner teeth, healthier skin, higher energy levels, and better immune system. 

It’s common for those people to give CBD and raw food to their pets as part of their diet.

Final Thoughts

The coronavirus and the pandemic have negatively affected a lot of industries. Fortunately, the pet industry, including the pet cannabis industry, is able to remain strong.

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