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Bears are lumbering animals as they typically move slowly and deliberately. Although they have stout limbs and plantigrade feet bears possess the ability to run fast. Each bear species has adapted itself to move on bare ground as well as on thick arctic sheet. Some of them are even fast enough to outrun a human in short bursts.

How Fast can a Grizzly Bear Run

Grizzly bears weighs around 150-800 pounds and are still able to run as fast as 55 km per hour. They seem to be more active at dawn and dusk, but may come out any time. Grizzly bears also share the same area of food provided the food is good enough to feed all of them.

The adult grizzly bears are solitary and highly territorial except when mother bear is with her cubs or when there is a large amount of food available at one place.

grizzly bear
Grizzly Bear

Grizzly bear has a prominent shoulder hump—a feature that distinguishes it from black bears. It is one of the most revered animals of North America. Grizzly is a sub-species of Brown bear. Black bears have claws that are almost two inches long whereas grizzlies have four inches long claws. These claws go white in time but there are also a few bears that have cream-colored claws.

They are also expert swimmers. When threatened, grizzlies stand upright get a better view of any potential predator. They are found in large numbers in British Columbia. There are almost 14,000 grizzlies living in British Columbia. The population of bears largely depends on the productivity of the habitat. Grizzly bears are likely to make habitats in a variety of islands especially where salmon and lush vegetation is abundant.

They go into hibernation for about 7 months in a season. However they get up when someone provokes them and as it turns out the bear’s hibernation is not as deep as someone like bats or ground squirrels have. Mothers will leave their den in the spring but they would be the last one to go.

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