How Much Is A Pitbull Dog

The pitbull breed of pup is also referred to as a “bull terrier,” with a slight mix between the bulldog and a terrier. These canines have existed since early in the 20th century, primarily recognized for their incredible athleticism and tremendous strength.

New England served as the original breeding ground for the dogs that are found worldwide today. The pitbull dog price will be based on quite a few variables. The ideal method when hoping to adopt within this dog family is to search for a rescue to adopt before heading to a breeder.

Adoption shelters like the local Humane Society or a rescue group in your vicinity would be the best places to start. It’s not unusual to find senior pit bulls within these agencies where adoption rates can range as low as a few hundred dollars.

However, if your goal is to find a purebred champion, these are often housed with a breeder and will generally fetch as much as $1500. The price point is based on a healthy line boasting good temperaments; these canines will carry a substantial value.

If the breeder is touted as a “world-class authority,” the price point reflects their expertise and knowledge. That can be as great as $10000.

The dogs will be of championship bloodline, easy temperament, and remarkable strength. Let’s look more in-depth at pricing for the pit bull breed to help you make a more educated decision when you choose to adopt.

How Much Is A Pitbull Dog

Pitbulls come in a vast range of sub-categories, making it challenging to pinpoint a precise price point for the overall breed. Go to for facts on the pit bull.

As a whole, these dogs have become a favored choice for adoption but understanding how the costs can range and what expenses will be involved throughout the pup’s lifespan is a considerable component of the adoption process.

There are a few resources from which you can pursue an adoption, each ranging in price. Let’s look at these individually:

  1. Adoption resource / rescue agency | Price point: Free and up to ~ $800
  2. Unlicensed/Less trusted breeder | Price point: $200 and up to ~ $1500
  3. Licensed & trusted breeder | Price point: $400 and up to ~ $10000+ depending on bloodline

Variables impact the cost making it necessary when you’re searching for your pup to research the options and the puppy once you come upon one. Perhaps you’re looking for a specific pitbull breed, or maybe you want to consult with a few breeders before committing.

The priority is ensuring the animal comes from a safe, secure, and well-cared-for situation, that they are healthy, and that the breeder is experienced and knowledgeable about the breed.

Your new furry friend will be a hefty initial investment and continue to be part of your family expenses throughout his lifetime. You don’t want the situation to turn out negative for the canine or yourself. Go here for details on pit-bull costs.

●       What should you expect when adopting with a local breeder

When a local breeder has the pitbull’s official paperwork documenting parent history, health concerns, bloodline, and on, this adds to the overall cost.

When the dog boasts of being from a champion bloodline, offers genetics rendering a greater degree of muscular strength, or the determination is that the parents were of an easy temperament, these are desirable traits and will increase the price.

Many local breeders will charge a higher cost for female puppies because these dogs can reproduce and bring the new owner revenue. Males are sought based on physical attributes, particularly their muscular body, appearance, and demeanor.

●       The reputable, legitimate breeder will be licensed

While many people prefer to deal with licensed, reputable breeders to ensure the pitbull pups are healthy and cared for, some breeders in this category will inflate their prices due to their expertise and knowledge. The investment will, of course, be worth it if the canine is all that the breeder markets the animal to be.

Usually, what you should anticipate at this level is that the pup is of a champion bloodline. There should be no health concerns with the parents. Each should have superior strength and athleticism to pass those traits to the pup.

Whether you pay the very top of the scale will depend on essentially supply and demand in your particular location. Some areas have few pit bulls available. In these places, people searching are willing to offer top dollar for the best breeder and the ideal dog.

●       Adoption agencies and rescues are a more straightforward process

When finding a rescue pitbull, there will be little information the shelter team will be able to provide regarding demeanor, socialization, personality, bloodline, and parents. But at the same time, many of these facilities will offer a “flat fee structure” for the pup.

The wonderful thing in these situations is the agency will ensure the dog and the new owner are compatible, and the home is safe and secure before the adoption is finalized.

These dogs might have seen a more challenging upbringing than those brought up in a licensed breeder’s facility, but the animal also deserves the best possible new home. Probably with these pups, they’ll be more of a “member of the family” dog instead of a showpiece.

Final Thought

Regardless of how you adopt your pitbull, the priority is to ensure you’re up for the commitment of being a pet parent. The dogs might comprise a hefty initial investment, but it doesn’t stop there. You must ensure the pup has all he needs for a high-quality, healthy life.

That includes adequate vet care, a quiet, comfortable place to sleep, sufficient play and exercise regularly each day, a healthy meal plan, plenty of toys, and more love than the canine knows what to do with.

If he is a champion and you want to show him to the world, make sure the dog enjoys the experience, make it a fun part of his world instead of stressful or urgent. A dog will be your one true best friend. It’s up to you to give that back.


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