How To Bathe Your Cat Correctly?

As a rule, there is no need to bathe the cat, as it can keep itself clean. By grooming, the cat doesn’t just clean the coat, it also regulates its body temperature, which will allow it to cool in summer and keep warm during the cold winter months. Her tongue is covered in tiny, pointed horny papillae that help remove loose hair and dirt. Sometimes, however, the pet has to be washed if it is necessary to get rid of fleas, treat skin problems or remove heavy contamination of the fur, especially if the cat has climbed into a dangerous poisonous substance. Here are some tips on how to do it right.

No cats like getting bathed. That is why we are talking about how to do it properly.  You also can talk to your veterinarian about possibly prescribing some sort of anti-anxiety medication before you give your cat a bath.

So before we get started with the bath it would be good to cut the cat’s nails so he or she doesn’t completely claw you during his bath because, as we said earlier, cats do not enjoy baths.

After we put our lovely cat in one of the grooming tubs to soak him using a hose, it is better to consider professional grooming tubs for these needs. A good way if you can soak down your cats quickly because you want to get these baths done fast is having a big cup ready to dump water on them so that you can easily get all the suds off them and get them wet.

Also, play with your favorite cat before bathing, make sure that she is not worried and is not afraid of anything at the moment. If bathing is very stressful for you and the cat, it is better to prefer a professional approach and consult a specialist. Regardless of whether the cat loves to take a bath or not, he should not associate negative emotions with you.

Prepare your bathing area. Turn on the water before putting the cat in the bath, and be sure the water is not too hot or cold for your pet. The temperature that is comfortable for your hands will be the most optimal. If you get wet or your cat splashes you with foam, or maybe your angry cat will jump on you, so wear clothes that you do not mind getting wet, and that can, at the same time, protect you from scratches.

Two people better than one.

Before you start. It is best to bathe the cat together – one can hold the cat and the other bathe – but you can do it yourself. But first, you will need to practice whether you can properly hold your cat on land. With one hand, grasp your cat firmly but gently on the scruff, applying slight pressure. Check how well you can reach different parts of your cat’s body with your other hand. Calmly and confidently carry the cat into the bath and start washing, be vigilant, as the cat can quickly run away in case of your hesitation and confusion. And keep the bathroom door closed so he can’t run out into the house covered in foam.

How better to start ?

Start swimming from the head and work your way to the tail. Take cat shampoo, lather and rinse thoroughly. Read the labels carefully when using the medicated shampoo. Some drugs have special instructions in order to achieve maximum effect. It is very important to rinse off the shampoo thoroughly after washing. Soap residues can irritate your cat’s skin, or the cat may swallow them while licking itself. Rinsing also removes fleas and other parasites that have not been killed by the shampoo – they will simply be rinsed into the bathtub.

How can I help my cat dry?

Gently remove excess water from the cat’s fur and wrap it in a large fluffy towel. If the pet is calm, you can immediately comb the tangled coat, otherwise, wait until it dries and calms down.

If you have a very obedient cat, then you can of course try to dry it with a hairdryer.

However, don’t count on it, many cats are terrified of this device. However, do not know the cat’s reaction before bathing. The safest way is to dry your cat by drying it gently with a towel.

Praise and reward your pet with a treat to associate the bath with pleasure.

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