How to Choose Car Seatbelts for Your Dog

Who doesn’t like having a dog? These furry friends have been around humans for more than a millennia. They have been loyal pets and found useful as well in a lot of ways. For one, most breeds were used as herding or hunting dogs and this is still practiced until today.

Others were just bred for their beauty, but they were excellent as a companion. They are fun to be with, and most modern people these days do prefer having them over any other animal. Based on this page, the only other species that are competing for this title are cats. 

Car Seatbelts for Your DogThis is why we do everything to make sure that they are safe. Feeding and giving them shelter is just a part of it. We also need to take them to the vet every now and then for a routine checkup. You should not wait until they are already unwell before you go to a physician.

They need all the love and care because they give it back to you unconditionally. However, there are certain instances wherein many aspects are out of our control. For example, you may want to take your dog for a ride in your car.


Doggy Issues

Car Seatbelts for Dog

It is a well-known fact that most dogs are very attached to their owners. Some of them might even suffer from separation anxiety, which can be problematic for most owners. They can start destroying stuff in your home in retaliation to leaving them alone.

Others result in temper tantrums and they will end up not responding to you. You can do some intervention by training and letting them learn to control and discipline. Meanwhile, you can actually take them with you. It can be a good bonding moment with your dog as well.

However, it can be dangerous to let them go wild in the car. For one, most dogs are active creatures. They cannot just sit still and let the drive-by peacefully. Some even refer to specific breeds as “shot bullets” as they will go crazy being cramped in the car. This is why it is important that you will get some harness to let them be still inside the car. In case of a crash, this will also protect them as your seatbelts will. They might not like it as with the collar, but it is for their own good. 

On the other hand, how will you know if these pet harnesses or seat belts are effective? Many advertise that they will give the best security and protection, but it can be difficult to know that. For one, you cannot test every single one every time as this takes a lot of money and time. Most of these protective devices can range up to the hundreds per item.

If you want to buy something expensive, it must be of high quality. Also, it must live up to the expectation of the user. No one wants to spend on something that does not actually work. Learn more about it on websites like this: But be sure to check other resources too!


Learn More About It


  • The Crash Test

You may have heard of this one if you have been binging on car manufacturing articles and videos on the net. This is a test done with seat belts to see if the person can survive a crash while using it, hence the name of the test. It is done to make sure that the harness will work if ever an accident would happen.

Unfortunately, not all harnesses in the market have undergone this kind of test. You need to investigate the brand first to see if they have done it. You can also look into reviews and videos online to see it for yourself. 

  • Materials Used

This can be quite tricky, as most materials tend to work in various conditions. However, you need to avoid those made from simple cloth as these are not reliable enough. Also, you might need to compare them with the materials used for your own seatbelts. If they are rather similar, then it would be a better option.

Another aspect that you need to consider is the structure and use of the product. It must be tight enough to secure the dog, but can still withstand any kind of impact. This will ensure that you will have the best crash protection for your canine friend.

  • Car Compatibility

Some cars these days are doing all that they can to be compatible with any kind of device the owner wants to put in. As long as it is their brand, rest assured that you can use it effectively. Some car manufacturers would sell these attachments if you want to and they will install it for you.

However, this is not available for most brands and models. You need to read the labels and see which ones would fit into your car. Most brands will specify this, but it is better to just check on it.

  • Dog Compatibility

Lastly, your dog must fit in well, too. Harnesses are supposed to be adjustable, but there are certain limits. Your dog can either be too small or too big. For example, fully grown St. Bernards will have trouble in many of these car harnesses as they will feel constricted. On the other hand, smaller dogs like Pomeranians will have no trouble getting them out. If you have a small one, it is better to put them in the cage and just secure it properly. For bigger dogs, you need to get a sturdier dog seatbelt as they can either use their strength to easily get out. 

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