How To Choose the Best Puppy Toys for Your Fluffy Friend

Our pets can be the element in our lives that brings us immense joy and gives us responsibility. And if you are reading this article, we can deduce that you are a person who is interested in finding out the most effective ways by which you can help your dog develop correctly and healthily. Your dog needs constant attention, training, and methods by which he can consume his energy, especially as a pup. Still, unfortunately, we live rather complicated lives, and because of this, we may not have the necessary time to spend every moment of the day playing with our pets.

You will therefore need alternative ways to use up your furry friend’s energy, and one method employed by the vast majority of owners is the use of puppy toys to complement your friend’s proper development and to help him become strong and healthy. But do you know exactly what details to look out for when choosing your fluffball’s future puppy toys? And besides this, do you know how to recognize the elements of a quality dog cage, necessary if you need to travel somewhere with your dog? In the following article, we will answer these questions and detail the importance of your devotion to the well-being of your companion.

Why It’s Essential to Choose Carefully the Puppy Toys You Purchase

Your dog would have no problem playing with any object he could find around the house, but your furniture or clothing items in which you have invested a hefty sum are the last thing you want to come to the attention of your pup, so to distract him, you should invest in some quality toys. And it’s paramount for these toys to be chosen with the age and size of your puppy in mind.

If your dog is less than three months old, then he still has baby teeth, and the best puppy toys for him would be those with a soft texture, such as rubber or plush. But between three and nine months old, your furry friend will be teething and have a natural tendency to gnaw on any object that comes his way, which is why a good idea might be to offer him chewable toys that should keep him occupied for hours. Chewable toys can majorly affect your dog’s jaw strength, which can be essential for his future physical development.

Try to Keep Your Dog Active

When your dog is a puppy, he can sleep up to twenty hours a day, but when he is awake, he is a natural power reactor, ready to exhaust himself in just a few minutes. And all that stored energy can be bad news for your carefully arranged furniture or carpets. Every day you must take at least an hour to walk your pet. And whenever you have the opportunity, you should try to play with him.

Rope toys can be an excellent option for building up your dog’s muscles and getting him tired, while good old throwable balls are one of the cheapest and most versatile toys available for any pet owner. Dogs have 98.9% of the same DNA as wolves, which is why they have retained that hunter instinct when chasing an object. Whether talking about a tiny Chihuahua or a giant Tibetan Mastiff, any dog, big or small, has the instinct to run after a ball when you throw it at them.

Why It’s Important to Buy a High-Quality Dog Cage 

You may not like the idea of keeping your dog locked in a crate, but at the end of the day, it may be the best idea for his safety. A dog cage is an ideal tool if you must travel somewhere and take your pet with you. And they are not just an accessory but a necessity. Suppose you want to fly with your companion over long distances. In that case, your fluffball must be enclosed in a dog cage approved and homologated by The International Air Transport Association.

dog cage may also be necessary if you want to travel in the comfort of your car. The last thing you want is for your pet to be injured in the event of a hard brake or end up accidentally in the car’s pedal compartment. Your dog’s safety must be a priority, so a dog crate becomes a must for any responsible owner. But what aspects should you pay attention to when buying one?

It’s All About the Comfort 

A dog crate must be sturdy enough to withstand an unfortunate accident and spacious enough for your pet to move around comfortably. Dog crates must also be easy to disassemble and clean. But the essential element is your dog’s comfort inside the crate, and to achieve this and make your fluffy friend feel fine, you will need to get creative.

A good idea would be to insert a blanket inside the crate to keep your furry friend relaxed. Then, to distract him, you can place some of his favorite puppy toys next to him. Your dog needs to go through crate training before you lock him in, as, without proper training, your companion can become stressed, which doesn’t help anyone.

What Matters is the Well-Being of Your Dog

Pets can be an indescribable joy but also a huge responsibility. From their diet, which needs to be changed according to their age and size, to the puppy toys you give them, your furry friend relies on your attention and insight, and their proper development will be influenced by the decisions you have to make in their early years.

For example, you might not want to see your friend locked in a dog cage, but it’s for his own good. Maybe you don’t want to see him scared at the vet when he gets his mandatory vaccinations, but in the end, it’s the right decision so that in the future, you can enjoy beautiful moments together. Being a pet owner sometimes involves making decisions that are not necessarily simple or cheap, but the responsibility that comes with having a pet is a factor that accompanies the ownership process, and your cute pup is counting on you to make the right decisions.

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