How To Choose The Right Cat Collar

Cat collars are a must for feline pet owners in keeping track of their four-legged companions. They may have ID tags to identify or report a lost cat. In addition, these collars serve different other purposes like showcasing a cat owner’s fashion statement for aesthetic purposes.

If you’re planning to buy your kitty a collar anytime soon, it’s vital to know how to choose the right cat collar for them. To help you determine the collar product that best fits your cat, here are a number of considerations that might help guide you in selecting the most suitable cat collar. Continue reading to learn more. 

  • Know The Different Types Of Collars

Cat collars come in various sizes, colors, and designs. Even though they may have generic circular shapes, they can still have accessories, attachments, or additional features that set them apart from one another. Read on to know more about the various cat collar types available in the market:

  • Luxury Cat Collars

A luxury cat collar is one that looks great, whilst providing your cat with a comfortable experience. It’s important to choose a collar with a breakaway buckle for safety, just in case your cat gets caught somewhere and needs to escape. Supakit cat collars are made from luxurious materials like leather, and are designed to feel and smell just right for your cat. You can choose from a range of colors to match your feline’s personality, as well as both large cat and small kitten collars. 

Other manufacturers offer their take on luxury cat collars as well by launching similar products.

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  • Breakaway Collar

A cat breakaway collar is designed for cats that love to wander freely. This collar has a safety buckle that unclasps when a certain force is applied to the lock. Most breakaway collars are adjustable so that owners can tailor fit them to their pet’s neck size to avoid suffocation. 

  • Flea Collar

Generally, pet owners use flea collars if their cats suffer from flea infestation. These collars contain chemicals that could eliminate ticks and fleas to provide comfort to your feline pal. Modern-day designs come with more sophisticated mechanisms to allow for maximum effectiveness of the collars’ flea-busting capabilities. 

  • Reflective Collars

Reflective collars have reflectorized patches or fabric that brightens up when struck by light. Primarily, pet owners use these collars on their cats when they walk at night and promote greater animal visibility.

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  • Traditional Collars

Traditional collars are classic collar types with a durable belt and clasp you manually open and close. These options often cost less yet are durable enough for extended use.

  • Understand Your Purpose

Before buying a collar, you may need to determine what’s your purpose first. Are you looking for a collar to provide identification to your cat? Are you after a safety collar? Will you add some accessories to your cat? Asking these questions may help you narrow down your choices.

In deciding which collar you should purchase, think about the fact that you may combine the features you need for your cat. In other words, you may buy a collar with many features that can improve your cat’s overall physical appearance and comfort as well. For instance, you may purchase a collar with quick-release functions, reflective fabric, and aesthetic embellishments.

  • Inspect The Collar’s Features

In purchasing a cat collar, don’t forget to go through each collar option’s features. 

There are collars that come with detailed ID tags in which your name and address can be written. This helpful feature can help you avoid your canine companion from joining the missing cats list in your area. Other high-end collars have microchips that aid pet owners keep track of their furry friends.

Primarily, collar makers include features that promote the cat’s comfort. Go with a collar that isn’t too rigid and doesn’t come with protruding parts that may cause discomfort. You may also pick a collar that is easy to loosen, tighten, and lock.

  • Check The Material

Checking the cat collar’s material quality is a must. Many pet owners prefer collar products that are breathable and non-allergenic – nylon collars are a top choice amongst the majority of buyers since they’re easy to clean and are lightweight.

If you want fashionable-looking collars, opt for leather collars. Nonetheless, they’re known to require maintenance. Alas, leather collars may get damaged if they’re exposed to moisture. Consequently, you may consider other materials aside from leather because they’re easy to put on, breathable, and easy to maintain. Collars made from cotton, mesh, polyester, and microfiber are recommended.

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  • Try To Fit The Collar To Your Pet

After going through different cat collar products’ features, materials, and others, it’s equally important to determine if the collar would fit the feline’s neck. 

One way of checking if your cat collar perfectly fits your cat’s neck is by inserting two fingers between the space of the collar and the cat’s nape. If you’re planning to use the collar for an extended time and for leash training, you may consider picking out a cat collar that stretches much better. As cats grow, their neck diameter increases as well, thus requiring a much larger collar.

  • Compare Prices

In many cases, the best products come at a high price. Sometimes, you may need to spend a lot on a top-of-the-line collar. Collars with magnetic and electronic tags may be more expensive than the others. Fortunately, you may still purchase some top-quality products for a few bucks with proper research and haggling.

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For this purpose, you may need to locate stores selling collars on sale or you may also trade collars with other cat owners like you. Joining cat communities to know where to buy the least expensive collars with top-notch qualities is also recommended.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right collar for your cat can be challenging. Fortunately, you may refer to the guide mentioned above for insights that may help you. While the points from this post may not specifically provide the perfect cat collar to buy, they may undoubtedly guide you in identifying the one that’d be suitable for your pet cat. 

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