How To Ensure The Safety Of Your Pet When You’re Not At Home

Sadly, we can’t take our pets anywhere we go. Workplaces usually don’t allow pets because they will distract you from doing any real work. We always worry when we leave them at home alone. What if they get stolen? What if they are in danger? What if they wreak havoc all around the house? The questions and the worries never end. Luckily, you don’t have to keep worrying as you can ensure the safety of your little furry babies when you’re not at home with these valuable tips.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras add an extra layer of safety to your pets and your house. Whenever you’re not at home, you can check what’s going on there through your phone. Put the cameras in strategic places such as the front door, other entrances, your pet’s hangout spot at home, and the kitchen. You can check what your lovely pet is up to at any time, and if anything happens, you can call 911 or your neighbor for help.

Track Your Pet With a GPS Collar

If you have an escape artist, you’re likely worried all the time when you’re not at home. Some pets tend to explore the outdoors and find opportunities to sneak off. A GPS-tracked collar will make you feel at ease knowing you can find your pet if it goes missing and wanders off somewhere. You can call your neighbor or a friend to fetch them if you won’t be at home for a while.

Having a Helpful Neighbor

Having a helpful and reliable neighbor is the greatest asset you can have. Retirees, those working from home, and animal lovers will gladly help you in keeping your pets safe. Exchange contacts with them and share the GPS location of your pet with them so they can keep an eye on them. You can repay them by baking them something delicious or giving them a gift to show your gratitude for their help. In emergencies, they can save your pets from house fires or any other disaster.

Find a Trustworthy Housesitter

Housesitters will take care of your house and pets when you’re away on holiday. They are extremely useful, especially if you won’t be at home for a long time. Ask around your network for a housesitter, find one online with a coupon code for trusted housesitters, or find a traveler who would housesit in exchange for accommodation. You need to ask for personal documents if you opt for a traveler to make sure they won’t steal anything from the house. You can enjoy your vacation knowing there is someone at home keeping your pets safe and your house tidy.

Adjust Home Temperature to Make Your Pets Comfortable

During winter and summer, the temperature can be uncomfortable for your pets. If you’re at work every day, have a thermostat to keep the temperature within an acceptable range for your furry friends. It’s essential to make sure your pets are spending their day safely and comfortably. It might add to your electricity bill, but it’s worth it.

Leave Enough Food and Water for Your Pet

Whenever you’re leaving home, take a look at your pet’s food and water bowls. If they are almost empty, refill them to make sure they find something to eat and drink while you’re away. Put the bowls in places they can easily reach so they won’t stay hungry or thirsty all day long. It’s unhealthy for them to stay hungry and it also makes them act out which can lead to tearing up the pillows, chewing the couch, and other destructive tendencies. Acting out can make them harm themselves if they swallow the wrong thing.

Pet-Proof the Kitchen

Pets like to explore and open kitchen cabinets, check what’s on the counter, and eat anything they find. Kitchens are full of dangerous stuff that can harm your pet such as detergents, hot liquids, knives, and chemicals. If you can train your pet to never enter the kitchen or prevent them from accessing it, you won’t worry about anything bad happening to them. 

If they are still not trained, put locks on cabinets, closets, drawers, and cupboards to prevent your pet from opening them and chewing whatever is in them. Store away any food on the stove or the counter so they won’t eat anything harmful to them.

Keeping pets happy and safe is a top priority for every pet parent. They depend on us completely and that’s why we shouldn’t let them down. Make sure they feel comfortable at home with food and water available while taking extra measures to ensure their safety while you’re not home.

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