How to Get Cat Drink Water from Fountain?

You just bought your cat a brand-new water fountain as they provide fresh water that is continuously renewing itself. Cat water fountains are a popular choice among many responsible pet parents. But due to various reasons, some cats do not like a water fountain, so how to get cat drink water from fountain? Find out by reading on.

Wash the Fountain Before Use

Most good-quality water fountains are BPA-free, which makes them almost scentless. Once you get the fountain out of the box, give it a thorough clean with soap and also clean the filter inside. Even though it is brand new, there still is a chance of germs living inside. You can omit the filter part for the time being if you want to let your cat get used to the fountain without the pump running.

Use Rewards and Have Patience

When you are done setting up the machine, wait for the cat to approach it naturally. Cats are very curious animals and their curiosity will lead them to the fountain eventually. So have patience, never force it to be near the fountain. Also, it is a great idea to keep some treats near or on the fountain and a basic bowl of water somewhere near the fountain as the secondary water source.

Let the Cat Examine the Fountain when Turned Off

Give the cat some to examine and get used to the water fountain. Some cats are reluctant to new things in the house. Keep the fountain turned off for the time being as the pump sound might scare the cat away. After your cat gets used to the machine, turn it on. But turn it on while the cat is away, as the sudden water flow may frighten them. 

Place the Food Away from the Water Fountain

Cats do not like having food near water sources by nature. Your cat’s instinct is to ignore any water sources that are close to its food bowl because in the wild, inedible parts of a cat’s prey can pollute nearby water sources. Moving your cat’s water bowl away from its food is the simple solution.

Play with Different Water Flow Settings

Water fountains come with various water flow settings like long streams, a bubbling top, or a gentle flow. Switch the flow modes and try to find the best one your cat likes. Keep the cat water fountain turned on most of the time so your cat gets used to the sound and the fountain itself. 

Some Tips to Get your Cat Drink Water from Fountain

  1. Turn off the fountain and move your cat’s old water bowl close to it. Place the ceramic dish, for example, very close to the fountain if your cat always seemed to drink from it. To help your cat get used to the idea that the fountain can be a water supply as well, the fountain should also contain water in it.
  2. Stop replenishing the water supply from earlier. The water in the earlier dish will eventually lose its flavor and run out. Avoid the temptation to open the faucet for your cat during this time if it likes to drink from the bathroom sink.

Continue to clean and restock the fountain while it is still full, just as though it were fresh water. To guide your cat, get used to the sound, and turn on the fountain for a couple of hours at a time.

  1. Make sure the previous bowl is empty after the water has finished. Turn the fountain on more frequently once your cat is confident with it and drink from it when it is off. Your cat may even start consuming liquids from the spout eventually.

Give it another go if you’ve followed the above steps in vain. You might want to look into a different fountain if the process fails twice. A gentle trickling steel or ceramic fountain with a silent motor is preferable to other options because cats frequently complain about the noise level and material of fountains.

A dirty fountain might be keeping your cat away because they need to be cleaned frequently. When a fountain sprays water that your cat might find frightening, you could perhaps adjust the pump.


These steps might not guarantee that your cat will 100% drink water from a cat water fountain, it’s mostly up to the cats to choose. Keep providing fresh water for your cat and don’t lose hope. Have patience and let the cat get used to the fountain. Once your cat enjoys drinking water from the fountain, you will find out how helpful a water fountain is for both of you. 


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