How to Improve Dog Gut Health in 4 Ways

Dogs can have stomach problems for many reasons—food allergies, eating something they shouldn’t have, or being born with a weak stomach. Whether your best friend hasn’t been feeling well for a while or it’s a new problem, there are ways to make them feel better. 

Learn how to improve your dog’s gut health in four ways and help your beloved companion feel better every day.

Offering a Healthy Diet

When you eat a lot of junk food, you probably get a stomach ache. The same goes for your furry friend. 

Look at what your dog is currently eating—do you think their diet needs any improvements? Dogs love eating meat, fruits, and veggies; is your pup getting enough in their meals?

Whole-food diets involve eating fruits, veggies, and meat in their original forms, and they’re better for dogs because they provide full benefits of the nutrients found in each food item. A whole-food diet will make it easier for your dog to digest its meals, get rid of waste, and improve its immune system.

Using Probiotics

Your dog’s digestive system has a careful balance of good and bad bacteria. Problems arise when there are more bad bacteria than good, but a simple solution is to use probiotics

You can think of probiotics as extra helpers to keep everything working smoothly in your dog’s digestive system. They’re made of all those good bacteria in the stomach and can help restore gut health in dogs. 

Keeping Your Buddy Hydrated

You probably understand that it’s important for you to stay hydrated to stay healthy, right? Dogs are the same—they need plenty of water to feel their best. 

But did you know hydration helps the digestive system to work better? It softens the food and makes it easier for food to move throughout the digestive system and get all the nutrients absorbed. 

Exercising and Managing Stress

No one feels good when they’re stressed. Getting outside to play is an easy way to keep your dog stress-free and happy. Playing with your dog also improves digestion by making bowel movements require less effort. Regular bowel movements ensure everything is working properly in your best friend’s digestive system.  

Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy

By paying attention to the diet and keeping your pup out of the garbage, you can maintain and improve its gut health. Whether you choose to use probiotics, make diet changes, or take your furry friend on more walks, you’ll be happy with the changes you’ll see in your dog. 


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