How to Look After Your Pet Amphibians and Reptiles

Companionship is a common need for all of us. It brings the emotional comfort we need to lead a happy and fulfilling life. And we extend this need to include creatures beyond our species, in the form of pets.

When we hear the word ‘pets’ images and sounds of cute and cuddly animals come to mind. The common ones are cats and dogs, with some including rabbits, birds, and fish. Some, however, are not satisfied with that and take the extreme route. They go for animals that others would like to stay away from.

Reptiles and amphibians fall into this extreme pets category. They bring a charm that people seldom appreciate. They also have criteria for their care and maintenance that people seldom know about.

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Caring For the Creepy Pets

Reptiles and amphibians, much like other pets, demand stringent care routines from their owners. This aspect is especially so since these animals are not domesticated. Their wild instincts are still intact; you’ll need to be aware of that and more to keep them healthy and happy.

Know Your Type of Pet

Every reptilian/amphibian is different. A turtle needs to be cared for differently than a snake. You must be aware of what you’re capable of handling before getting it.

Do your homework thoroughly about your creature of choice. Study their habits, diet, environmental needs, etc. Enquire about their specific habits from experts and other keepers. Confirm if these traits match what you’re looking for in your pet.

Setup the Right Environment

Once you’ve determined your pet of choice, start modifying your house or any other place you wish to keep it in according to its needs. Install objects around the space to make it conducive to the pet’s nature. Create pools or ponds if needed.

Some will require cages and other such enclosures as they could cause harm or escape. Make sure to build these according to specifications/standards best suited for both you and the pet. Set the temperature, humidity, and lighting levels to make your pet feel comfortable.

Feed Them Right

A proper diet is crucial to the well being of your pet. Amphibians/reptiles are not domestic, so the food you give them must match that found in their natural habitat.

These creatures will be living in confined spaces, which could result in them gaining weight. Feed them the right quantity of food at the right time to avoid such occurrences.

Some companies have introduced processed foods made for such pets in particular. You can use these as well, provided you make an informed purchase based on their ingredients.

If unsure, don’t hesitate to consult a vet for advice on what to feed your pet. This precaution is essential in case it is suffering from an illness or condition.

Get a Good Vet

Since these creatures are uncommon and wild, it is hard to find a veterinarian who can effectively diagnose and treat them. Get in touch with one who can deal with your pet and is close by before getting it.

Get your pet thoroughly examined by the vet right after you purchase it. Understand its full health condition and the steps that must be taken to maintain it.

Seek their advice on how best to go about feeding, cleaning, and engaging it. Visit at regular intervals to stay informed about your pet’s health. This interval will vary depending on your type of pet. Determine how you can contact them in case of an emergency.

Pets can help create lasting, loving memories. Reptiles and Amphibians are not any different once you learn to care for them well. They will bring a special sparkle to life like no other.

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