How To Properly Take Care Of A Pet Duck

Ducks are known to be adorable pets that can provide you with years of companionship. However, they require a lot more attention than most people realize. The following article will teach you how to properly take care of your pet duck. 

They require outside space

You might be surprised to learn that ducks require a lot of room. However, it isn’t space that they need. Rather, they need time outside the house to get some exercise and move around. A small yard should suffice if you want to keep your duck in an area that is separate from the main part of the house.

However, you have to be careful about keeping them cooped up inside all day. Ducks are often tamed for being well-tempered animals, but they can still become aggressive if you leave them in a small indoor space day after day.

Train the duck

One thing that will put a lot of people off from owning a duck is the fact that most breeds aren’t really trainable. You can teach them a few commands, but not much more than that. However, there are some benefits to doing this. For instance, you can have your pet trained to follow you around and you can give it a creative name. There are great ideas for duck names online, so start looking around. The most important thing to remember about training your pet duck is that you have to be consistent. This means that if you want them to follow you around, they should do it every single time without fail.

Furthermore, feeding them by hand can help reinforce the training. Once they realize that food is only going to come from you, they will be a lot less likely to nip you when you go into their enclosure. Holding and petting them is another way that you can get them to bond with you and reward good behavior. Also, you should keep in mind that contrary to popular belief, ducks don’t require a lot of attention on a daily basis.

They need fresh water daily

A common misconception about caring for ducks is that they can simply use the same bathtubs and pools that you use for them to take a bath or go swimming. However, they require drinking water and a separate pool to swim in. Like people, ducks need at least one source of freshwater to drink every day.

You’ll also want to give your pet duck a space where it can get into the water and do things like preening its feathers. This is important because it helps to prevent their wings from getting too tangled up.

Make sure you have a source of light

One thing that many people forget about ducks is that many duck species are nocturnal. This means that they are awake during the night and sleep during the day. If you want your pet duck to always be awake when you’re home, then you’ll need some source of light in its area.

However, this isn’t just about making sure it’s there for when you get home. The light will also help your duck to regulate its sleep schedule. This is important because ducks can get very ill if you don’t keep their schedules consistent.

Keep them in a safe area

Many people like to bring their pet ducks into the house when they are home and let them roam around wherever they want. While this is okay for small spaces, it isn’t a good idea for large ones. Ducks are known to be very inquisitive animals that can easily get into things they aren’t supposed to.

Therefore, you need to make sure that your duck stays in an area where it is safe at all times. If you have any valuables or electronics in the rooms, then you’ll need to make sure that your duck stays in an area where it can’t get into them.

Make sure they get enough sleep

Ducks aren’t like most pets and require slightly more sleep than a human would. In fact, they need about 12-14 hours of sleep at night. Therefore, you will need to make sure that they have a proper place to sleep. Otherwise, they won’t get the rest they need and will be more inclined to get sick from being tired all the time.

A duck can make for a very easygoing pet when you know how to properly care for it. By following this guide, you can give your duck everything it needs in order to be happy and healthy.

They require fun toys

One thing you need to remember is that ducks are very playful animals. They love to fly, preen their feathers and get into things. Therefore, you will need to get them toys they can play with while they’re inside.

You might be surprised to learn that an old tire works well for this purpose. It can be hung up inside the house or even in their pen outside. Toys like these help keep your duck entertained when you aren’t around to play with them.

Just make sure that the toys don’t have any strings, wires, or small parts that they could eat and get sick from.

Find proper food to feed them

Ducks usually consume aquatic vegetation such as duckweed and insects. You can find these foods easily at a pet store. However, you should try to buy them from a reputable source as some of the products may contain harmful chemicals.

Most vegetables will do this even if they’re cooked, but never ever feed them raw potatoes or carrots. This can upset their stomachs and cause bloating. 

Raw meat of any kind isn’t good for ducks as well. Even if you try to feed them cooked meat, it can still make them ill because of the way it’s prepared.

Ducks can make for an easygoing pet when you know how to properly care for them. By following this guide, you can give your duck everything it needs in order to be happy and healthy. They require fun toys and a safe place to sleep as well as food that will help maintain their health without making them ill as raw vegetables or potatoes do. With these things in mind, caring for a pet duck is much easier than many people think!

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