Is it Better to Feed Your Dog Human Food?

There is a reason we love dogs: it’s because they are loyal, enjoyable animals to have around, and offer a great deal of comfort. For some of us, a home is not a home without dogs.

There’s something comforting and relaxing about coming home from a hard day at work and having a dog welcome you. Or you may have a dog for work, or perhaps you take a gundog on shoots.

There are so many different breeds that it’s become personal choice whether you choose large or small, working or pet. Then there’s the subject of what to feed your dog.

Many people are choosing to feed their dogs on human food. The idea is that what’s good for us is good for the dog. If you check this list of food that is safe for your dog you’ll find that while this is true in many cases, there are some things you should not give your dog, and others that should be given only in small amounts.

Dog Human Food

Why is this? It’s simply because dogs are not humans, and they differ in the way they digest their food as well as in the nutrition they need.

Concern About Ingredients

The main reason people begin cooking for their dogs is that they have control over what goes into the dog’s food. Concern about processed dog foods lies in the fact the ingredients may not always be clear.

However, it is important – should you decide to start giving your dog human food – that you understand the needs of the animal, and that the dog does get what he or she needs to live a healthy life.

There are specialist dog food providers who will deliver high-quality, specially formulated dog food made from the food you eat and choose, and these are becoming more popular.

One of these is called Nom Nom (until recently it was known as NomNomNow, so you may have heard of it using that name) and it stands out from the competition for many reasons.

Dog Food

The first is that you decide what food goes into your dog’s meals. Plus, you get the services of an expert trained veterinarian who will help you formulate your recipes.

Then the food is correctly cooked for your dog, and they promise to use only the best quality ingredients. The food is delivered to your door as part of the subscription service, and it is sensibly priced. But, can you be sure you are getting the right food for your dog?

Promise of Quality

We checked out some nomnomnow reviews to see what customers think, and as you’ll see if you read that one the level of customer satisfaction is suitably high. Quality is guaranteed and the prices are sensible, and you can start by ordering a trial box that offers you four meals for a very decent price.

They do recommend that you give your dog some time to adjust to the new food – just as you would give yourself time to get used to eating foreign food when abroad – and they also guarantee that each meal is cooked to a standard that offers perfect levels of nutrition suitable for your canine friends.

Nom Nom is an excellent choice if you want to try your dog on carefully concocted human food, and as a monthly subscription service you will always have dog food ready for your pets. A varied and nutritious diet will always be good for a dog, so try it out and remember, your pet also needs plenty of water, exercise, and love from his or her human family!

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