Keeping your Dog’s Coat Shiny All Year Round

We pet-lovers all want our dogs to look and feel their best. Just as we know that diet, exercise and self –care routines have an impact on our health, so it is with our furry friends. What you are feeding your dog on a regular basis, how much exercise it gets and what kind of grooming routine you use are all big factors contributing to the health and wellbeing of your pet. 

Here are some tips to ensure that you are doing the best for your dog’s wellbeing and to help maintain a shiny, healthy coat all year round.

What’s in his Food?

Be aware of the ingredients in the food you are giving to your dog. For optimum health and a shiny coat, dogs need balanced meals with proper nutrients. Sometimes commercial dog foods are not of a high enough quality and may cause deficiencies in things like omega-6 (a key culprit in dry, coarse fur). This may be true if you are creating your own homemade food plans also. The bottom line is making sure your dogs diet is varied and as natural as possible. Genetically modified grains can be bad news for dogs.

Hydration is Key

Watch your dog for signs of dehydration; signs will include panting, dry mouth and a loss of skin elasticity. Make sure that fresh; clean drinking water is always available so your dog can quickly replenish electrolytes.

Consider Herbal Remedies

To help with the maintenance of healthy bones, skin and fur you could turn to herbal options like Horsetail, which contains silica, and Spirulina which is full of B vitamins and carotenoids all of which boost skin health.  Check with your vet for dosage.

Coconut Oil has long been a miracle go-to for many health aware people not only as an alternative cooking oil but also as a skin and hair strengthener. Surprise! Your dog can get many of the same benefits! Use coconut to help with digestion and to improve the appearance of your dog’s coat.

Fish oil and Flaxseed oil are further examples of supplements that work for your dog as well as for you. Both support a healthy, shiny coat and strong bones. Check for dosage and be mindful of your dogs reaction, sometimes these can cause an upset stomach.

Regular Grooming

Think of regular brushing and de-shedding as an essential not a beauty indulgence. Many dogs shed hair on a regular basis and are affected by the changes in season. To keep things under control, make sure your dog has regular coat and undercoat maintenance with brushing and clipping.

The same goes for bath time, although this will depend on the dog as some breeds have skin and fur more sensitive than others and need less frequent bathing.

When choosing which shampoo to use, consider one with aloe vera or oatmeal ingredients, as these are excellent choices for dogs with dry skin.  You can also give your dog its own oatmeal bath for a simple and budget friendly way to care for its fur. Oatmeal is soothing, provides good moisturiser and is allergy friendly.

Make sure you take your dog for lots of outdoor exercise and spend time having fun together keeping active. Ultimately, for dogs just like humans, happiness and love are what create that truly healthy glow.

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