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King snake is a nonvenomous species belongs to the genus Lampropeltis and it includes four species and 45 subspecies. The king snakes also make very good pets. So if you are considering to have them as pets then it is better to know them first through these King Snake Facts. Common king snake is one of the subspecies of king snakes and it is completely harmless. It is native to Mexico and the United States.

King Snake Facts

King Snake Anatomy

  • The king snakes are often recognized by the vibrant colors on their skin. Unique among the king snakes is the scarlet king snake which has patterns that resemble more like venomous coral snakes.
  • The scarlet king snake does have a pattern of red or yellow bands similar to that of coral snakes.
  • The common king snakes can be as long as 51 to 197 cm and weighs up to 285 grams.
  • The California king snakes can grow to a maximum length of 6 feet.

King Snake Habitat

  • The king snakes are most likely to make homes in open areas such as in oak woodland, grassland, low mountains, abandoned farms, and other canals or streams.
  • It occurs in the clumps of vegetation near rocky outcrops. The female king snake also lays its eggs in logs or debris at an elevation of 7,000 feet.
  • The common king snake is a territorial species.
The Common King Snake
The Common King Snake. Photo Credit:

Feeding Ecology and King Snake Diet

  • Like most other snakes, king snakes are also opportunistic in nature. They will consume almost anything including other venomous snakes. It preys on lizards, birds, bird eggs, turtle eggs, rodents, mice and other small mammals.
  • The common king snake is able to prey on rattlesnakes because it is resistant to the venom of snakes such as this.
  • It rarely attacks a person but when feel threatened it will not only vibrate its tail or produce a hissing sound, the king snake is going to strike you as well.
  • The king snakes typically search rattlesnakes with the strong sense of smell.

King Snake Reproductive Biology

  • The California king snakes have an average lifespan of up to 20 years.
  • It is one of the first snakes to be bred in captivity.

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