Learning Methods: Online Learning 

Since 2020, online learning has managed to break into mainstream education and learning programs. Pandemic led many students and professionals to pursue courses online. At one point, people were stacking up various certified courses. 

People acknowledged the potential and prospects of online learning and decided to explore it. It’s about time to expand further onto the online learning method and if it is a viable choice. 

Advantages Of Online Learning

1. Online Learning Is Convenient

You can access an online learning course almost any time. There isn’t any fixed admission or enrollment routine. Most online courses allow you to opt for them any time of the year.

Similarly, you can start online learning anytime you like. You can choose any hour of the day without worrying about punctuality and attendance in most cases. Except for the real-time online classes. 

Still, even for those, you eliminate the need to commute.

2. Online Courses Are More Affordable

The educational institutes or websites don’t have to invest in real estate to offer you a place to visit. Saved space fees allow them to provide online courses at cheaper rates.

Asynchronized online learning is cheaper as there isn’t any real-time learning or instructor available. Meanwhile, synchronised learning could need a teacher, but it is still more feasible. 

You also save a lot on commuting, buying uniforms, and other essentials. The resources saved by institutes also impact the overall online course’s cost. 

3. Online Learning Could Be Fun 

There are many interactive videos and gamified options available for today’s online learning infrastructure. For instance, maintaining streaks, unlocking achievements, and rewarding yourself with more points have become a way to incentivise yourself to learn.

This could keep you engaged better and make learning more fun than the offline lectures, which could be boring. The videos could also be more creative with edits and more. 

4. Great For Different Learning Styles 

Almost anyone with any set pace for learning can utilise the benefits of online learning. If you’re a slow learner, you can repeat a course as many times as you like. Fast learners can quickly access more courses.

You also have access to the internet to unlock various resources, books and more, to keep empowering yourself and learning. 

Disadvantages Of Online Learning 

1. You Need The Discipline To Learn Online

Laziness and untimely attendance to class are the challenges people face. Being consistent is another challenge. You need to stick to a routine or schedule. Otherwise, procrastination can lead to problems. 

2. Online Learning Could Omit Social Aspects

Online learning is usually conducted in the comfort of your house and in seclusion. It means that you can’t physically interact with your peers, classmates, or teachers. This could create a sense of emptiness and a lack of social interactivity. 

3. Technical Issues With Online Learning

Online learning isn’t flawless. You could lose your progress, scores, streaks, or even submit the wrong answer to the test by mistake. There are many errors the online system is prone to. 

However, these depend primarily on the quality of the E-learning system. 

4. Let’s Not Forget Overuse Of Tech

You will end up with increased screen time, where you will attend class longer. It can impact your skin, eyesight and other health-oriented conditions. 

Different Methods Of Online Learning 

Asynchronized Online Learning

This online learning method allows a person to have individual access to a course. They can learn at their pace, access resources at their rate and more.

Synchronized Online Learning

It is more of real-time learning where you have virtual classes attended by more than one student. There will be a live instructor. This type is mainly seen in schools and colleges. There would be a requirement to finish assignments, like on-time Essay writing and more. A student would have to comply. 

Hybrid-Style Learning

These styles combine both the above-given online learning styles. There will be virtual classes, attendance and such, but students will also have access to resources at any time of the day to learn at their pace. 

Competitive-Edge Learning 

Non-official online learning is usually implemented by an enterprise or organisation to help their employees learn a valuable skill set. These are usually certification-based programs or keep the employees up to speed with the latest tech. 


Online Learning is fast-growing and also dominating the conventional approach to education. However, many people still question the efficacy of online learning in preparing new-age professionals. The lack of practical skills and social aspects could be a challenging barrier for such professional training.

Still, we can’t ignore the fact that online learning could be highly beneficial if a person is driven by interest and keen to learn more and more. Not only the online courses but blogs, YouTube videos and more are available to assist them in learning, which can prove beneficial. 

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