Mistakes to Avoid if You Plan to Gift a Pet for New Year

Giving someone you love a pet for new year’s is a great idea, but before you make this big decision, you want to make sure you don’t make common mistakes. You want to avoid the following if you plan to give someone a pet.

Not Certain of the Gift

One mistake people make when they’re thinking of giving someone a pet is not knowing if the person wants it. You have to be certain this person wants a pet. If you can’t answer this question with 100 percent certainty, then you shouldn’t be giving this gift. You don’t want this pet given away not long after you give it to your loved one. A pet is a huge responsibility, so be sure this is the right choice. Only a pet lover is willing to take on this kind of responsibility.

Gift a Pet

Choosing the Wrong Kind

If you know your loved one wants a pet, then you must know what kind of pet he or she wants. Knowing the species is just the start. It’s also important to know the kind of personality your loved one will be okay with. For example, if your loved one is active, then an active pet is vital or vice versa. In essence, you’re using your loved one’s personality to guide you to the right pet. Take your time with this part because finding a match isn’t something you can do in a few minutes.

Person Can’t Afford a Pet

If you look through any site about pets, you’ll quickly see that they can be costly. Petsumer.com talks about the type of food each pet needs along with the tools that make pet care easier. Money may not be something you want to consider right now, but you must do it before you gift the pet. Your loved one must be able to take care of this pet’s needs. The last thing you want is to give your loved one financial stress when you’re just trying to give them joy.

Not Considering the Kids

When you’re planning to give a pet to a loved one, it’s important to consider any children. Most of the time, kids love pets, so that’s not a problem, but you have to consider a few things before choosing a pet. For one, children do better with puppies because they’ll have a long time to bond. It might also be a good idea to get a smaller pet unless you know that the large pet will be trained to be gentle with children. On top of that, you should be sure no one has any type of allergy.

Person has no Time

Taking care of a pet takes time. It’s a commitment, and your loved one must have time for this pet. If you know this person is trying to juggle a lot of things at once, then a pet might not be the best gift. Talk to this person and find out where he or she is at. If this person has big plans just around the corner, then a pet might put a damper on those plans. Of course, people take all sorts of big steps with pets, but new owners sometimes need time to adjust. Make sure your loved one is ready to give up that kind of time.

Not Enough Space

One thing that isn’t considered is space. The person you’re giving this gift must have enough space for the pet now and as the pet grows up. If your loved one lives in an apartment, there’s more to consider. For example, does the landlord even allow pets, or is there some kind of fee to deal with? You’ll also want to pay attention to the pets in the neighborhood. These pets should be well taken care of, healthy, and trained if you want this new pet to thrive there.

Not Considering Capabilities

Sometimes, the person you’re giving this pet to has special needs. If this is the case, then this pet must be ready to offer the services needed for your loved one’s situation. Many well-trained pets can offer support. You could also just invest in training the pet you know is right for your loved one. If you don’t want to invest so much in a pet you aren’t sure will be a good match, just offer to help train the pet after the two have gotten to know each other.

No Support System

Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility, and that responsibility is often shared with others. You need to make sure your loved one has a good support system to help him or her with this new pet. Sometimes, that means having someone he or she could turn to while traveling. This person could be you, or it could be other people. Some people use pet sitters, but leaving a pet to strangers isn’t something pet parents love to do, so be sure they have others to depend on.

Exit Strategies not Explored

You’re doing your best to give a wonderful gift to your loved one. You’re sure they want a pet and all that good stuff, but something can still go wrong. At times, people just don’t connect with their new pets. You need to be upfront about this possibility with your loved one. Tell your loved one that you’re more than willing to hear him or her out about this. Come up with a plan to make sure the pet doesn’t end up in a shelter. The more honest you are about this possibility, the better it’ll be for everyone involved.

You’ve got all the potential mistakes you could make as you give someone a lovely furry friend. Knowing these potential mistakes should make it easier to avoid them. This gift has the potential of being one of the most meaningful gifts you could give someone, and if you don’t hit any hiccups, it probably will be.

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