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If you are reading for academic purposes like college paper writing, then it ceases to be merely a form of entertainment. The literary devices, like the symbols and metaphors, assume prime importance. If the teacher is kind enough to provide the essay question beforehand, things do get a bit easy, but not too much. At other times teachers let you pick essay topics on the required reading. This calls for minute reading, and you need to build your essay from your understanding. It goes on without saying that if you are reading for academic reasons, many story parts will need to be reread.

We will share several exciting essay topics on the book Animal Farm in this post. Before we do that, however, here is a quick recap of the primary storyline. This will help you know what we are talking about if you are yet to read the book and work on the Animal Farm essay introduction. The story basically says:

The book starts off with a call for a meeting by a middle-aged boar, Old Major. The meeting is attended by all the animals on the farm of the respective farmer. In this case, it is a farmer called Jones. In the session, the animals discuss how Jones uses them all. Every animal in the farm lacks freedom, and Old Major decided to start a revolution. Within three days, the revolution succeeds. The pets name the place Animal Farm.

Snowball is an idealist pig among animals. According to him, things like education and courtesy are what freedom is all about. Snowball proceeds to teach the pets good things that humans do. He teaches them to read and write and to have a logical mindset. Snowball thinks everyone deserves to be respected and be treated in an equal manner.

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There is another important character, Boxer, a strong horse. At the beginning of the story, the horse is friendly towards Snowball. But the two differ in opinion when Snowball decides to introduce electricity in the animal’s lives. This he intended to do by building a windmill. The dogs are how Napoleon makes others follow his whims. The basic tenets, like belief in the equality of Animal Farm, take a backseat. Napoleon decides that from now, only pigs will have the right to determine and implement laws. Things take a turn for the very worst. Napoleon resorts to conspiratorial witch hunts. In the last part, Napoleon fails to do the windmill using the other pets as slaves. According to Napoleon, Snowball is guilty.

Character-Based Animal Farm Essay Prompts

This George Orwell story stands out by its vivid characters that we are all likely to come across in the political world. However, the topic is nuanced and hard to understand. You can seek professional academic help if you want. Some of the better essay ideas are:

  • The Viciousness of the Pig- Snowball.
  • How Squealer Serves to Portray Brilliant Speaking Skills.
  • The Size and Strength of the Enormous Boxe.
  • The Brutal Nine Dogs.
  • How Benjamin Serves as a Stereotype for the Previous Generation.

The titles also serve well for character analysis essays.

Topics on Animal Farm Themes Essay

You can also discuss the following topics based on Animal Farm’s dominant theme while asking an academic writer- write an essay for me:

  • As Per Your Perception, what is the Main Theme of Animal Farm?
  • How do the Pigs Become Corrupt by Power?
  • How Did Napoleon Twist Snowball and Old Major’s Socialist Ideas?
  • How is the novel related to the Russian Revolution?
  • How are the novel’s themes relevant in our times?
  • Do classes really serve to divide a population?
  • How does the author reveal how naive working animals really are?
  • Comment on how the pigs use language to exert control over the other animals

Other Interesting Essay Topics

The teacher might have set you other types of topics like the following:

  • How really did the animals live under Jones and Napoleon?
  • The stylistic contribution of the speeches in the book?
  • Comment on the use of minor characters to highlight major themes.
  • Humans have paved the way for the Animal Farm – How have they affected it?
  • What kind of political structure is endorsed by the writer? How does Napoleon make Snowball a scapegoat?
  • Comment on the reason and effectiveness of the story perspective in the book.
  • Which animal would you say stands for the viewpoint of the writer?

If the topic appears to be too tough for you, remember you can always seek affordable help from the writing service and use a Speedy Paper discount code. Best of luck in completing your Animal Farm essay task! 


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