Moths Facts | Anatomy, Diet, Habitat, Lifecycle

Moths are a small group of insects that are similar to butterflies. You can even call them by the name of Lepidoptera. Most of the Lepidopterans are considered to be moths, and there are around 160,000 species which are existing on this planet.  They are divided into three different categories in which we have nocturnal as well as crepuscular plus diurnal species.

Moths Diet

Moths can consume anything which can easily be dissolved in the water. Most of their diet is based on nectar-feeding from the flowers, but they also eat tree sap, animal dung, pollen, and birds droppings. They are also attracted to sodium, which is found inside sweat and salt.

Moths Habitat

Moths are shaped in a similar outlook of the butterflies.  If you are not completely aware of their actual name, then calling them as butterflies is also correct. The major difference between moths and butterflies is within its taxonomy. Moths are so much active during the routine of a night time, and they normally rest during the day. They do prefer to stay maximum in wooded habitat.

You can found moths categorized into different sizes that range from 4mm till 30cm. They can easily adapt to any sort of environment and can survive in any sort of habitat.  They are also having some feathery or some thick antennae as well.

moth facts

Lifespan of Moths

They do have a lifespan, which is completely different from the rest of the species in the category of Lepidoptera.  Some of the moth’s species can survive for only one week, and some can even stay alive for a maximum of 12 months.  Sometimes the environment in which they are living can also leave a strong impact on their lifespan.

Important Tips On How to Kill Moths Easily

Below we will be sharing some of the important and helpful tips about how to kill moths fast and easily:

  • You have to fill your home with some cedar. You can even use some cedar oil in the spray bottle that is diluted with water. Moths or even other insects are completely repelled by the use of pheromones in cedar.
  • You can also use some sticky trap as well. You have to cover it completely with some moth pheromones so you can easily attract the moths. This will let them be stuck on top of the surface. As they are stuck, they won’t be able to escape easily and, in the end, will die.
  • If any of your belongings or clothes are showing the signs of moths, you should freeze them instantly. You can keep them in freezer for a maximum of 24 hours. This freezing temperature will kill the larvae completely.
  • By using hot water or heating temperature, you should wash all those clothes that contain eggs or larvae.
  • Using vinegar can also help you a lot. You can wash away or scrub all those areas of eggs and larvae with water solution and vinegar.

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We are sure that our mentioned tips will help you a lot to know about how to kill moths fast and easily. Follow the tips and keep your house free from all species of moths.


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