Popular STEM Majors for Animal Lovers

There is no shortage of opportunities to choose from when it comes to potential STEM careers. This article highlights five popular STEM degree programs that might be enticing animal lovers.

There are plenty of STEM majors for you to choose from if you want a career working with animals. Animal lovers have plenty of options when it comes to fields that allow them to pursue their love for animals. Here is a list of the top five most popular STEM majors for those interested in this area: Biomedical Engineering, Veterinary Medicine, Animal Science, Genetics, and Zoology.

Why go for a STEM Major?

A STEM major is a degree in one of the following areas: science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. These majors are popular because they offer many opportunities for career growth and advancement. 

Considerations for Animal Lovers

When choosing a STEM major, it is important to consider the options that are available in the animal field. If you want to work with animals directly, then you should look into veterinary medicine or an animal science degree. However, if you are interested in a more research-based career, then you could pursue a degree in genetics, zoology or biology. Check out these biology research topics if you want to pursue research-based career in biology.

Pre-medicine and Veterinary Medicine

If you want to pursue a career in veterinary medicine, then your best option is to go for pre-medicine. Do you find yourself wondering, which AP courses should I take for a STEM major? Pre-medicine degrees are typically four years long and require students to take advanced classes such as organic chemistry, physics, calculus, biochemistry, cellular biology, and genetics. These courses provide an excellent foundation for those with an interest in the medical field.

Pre-medicine is a great option for animal lovers because it will prepare you to work as a veterinarian, research physician, or biomedical engineer.

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineers have a unique job where they solve problems in the human body. They frequently work with engineers and doctors to develop new devices that can help people live better lives. Some of these technologies include artificial organs, prosthetics for amputees, hearing aids, MRI machines, pacemakers, and more.

Animal Science

Animal science is a great major for those who want to learn about how to care for animals. This field of study covers everything from how to breed livestock or pets, feed them, and care for their health. Animal science majors learn about the animal world at a scientific level that is very different from what you would see on nature TV shows.


If you are fascinated with genetics but don’t want to work with live animals, this major may be for you. A study of animal genetics can help you understand how genes work and the role they play in animal development. This knowledge can be used to improve the health of animals, create new breeds of animals, or even develop genetically modified organisms. Geneticists are scientists who work to understand how genes are passed down from generation to generation in humans and other living things. When genetic testing is done on people or farm animals, it is usually performed by a geneticist.


Last but not least, zoology is one of the top STEM majors for animal lovers. This major entails studying animals at a scientific level in order to understand their behavior, evolution, and biology. Zoologists who study mammals are known as mammalogists while those that work with fish are ichthyologists. They may spend time observing animals in zoos or doing field research on wildlife.

If you want to pursue a career in the animal field, there are plenty of opportunities for you. If you want to work with animals directly or care for them in some way when they’re sick, then consider pursuing one of these degree programs. Those who would rather research animals could go for Zoology or Genetics, which don’t require hands-on experience working with live creatures. The good news is that all four degrees offer many different careers after graduation, so whether your interest lies in farms or in zoos, it’s clear that this list of popular STEM majors has something just right for everyone.

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