Private Dog Parks: Can Be The Safe Choice


There are often reports of several dog-related accidents such as abuse by a passerby, kidnapping to selling them, and many more, which often occur in public parks. A safe alternative to these public parks can be a well organized private dog park where the dogs will be free to roam around there without any sort of distraction or fear with leashes/belts off their necks. A privately managed dog park will have a sound monitoring system and can also enforce the park rules well. 

Even though there were many public parks set up before, unfortunately, they have not worked out well, due to the management and regulation errors by those responsible in managing it. 

What are the advantages of a safe, private dog park?

The most significant advantage is that they will be able to run around the park or the open area without the leather collar or leash around their neck. Check out dogmount for the best leather collars for your favorite pet. In this manner, it will help improve their heart rate, metabolism, and gastrointestinal efficiency. Free exercises help them improve their overall fitness and go on to live a healthy and long life, which will reduce the chances of contracting any diseases such as obesity. There are different risks linked with letting the dog off-leash. For example, the dog may find a sweet scent and may run and get lost while trying to find out the source of the smell, also can pick up fights with the aggressive dogs of the area, be welcomed into a neighborhood area where it got lost while wandering off. In such a case you may have to get a lost dog finder service. These are some of the reasons why you must not leave your dog off the collar until the park is properly fenced.


In an adequately fenced area, the dog will have the advantage of communicating with other dogs who will come to play in the park. The physical workouts and good social bonding among the dogs in the park can turn out to be beneficial if they conduct interactions without having to undergo a traumatic accident. The benefits include avoidance of unnecessary barking and lower displays of aggression with the other dogs in the area.

While the management of such private parks can do everything in their power to make your dog have a fun-filled visit.  However, you need to check the health and temperature of your dog before you bring it into the park so that it does not display symptoms of lousy health while in the park and disturb its environment.

Although it is hard to inform the dog owner that the dog can not visit the park due to its erroneous behavior, it is very vital to maintain the dignity of the park, although this also means a loss of hard-earned income. Therefore if the management thinks of running a well-maintained park instead of allowing the dogs who do not meet the behavioral criteria,  consequently, the number of financial risks associated with running a short term private park is almost equivalent to those of public parks. It is necessary to assign a third party to check out if everything is managed well as to avoid complaints regarding the staff of the privatized dog parks 

For safety purposes, it is highly recommended that the large dogs have a separate space and also exclude some of the species that can pose as dangerous for the smaller and fragile breeds that visit the park. Sterilize the males if they are always out of control.  Puppies are generally discouraged from entering such parks for their well-being. 

Hence always do a thorough study about the different types of private parks available and select the one that is suitable for your beloved pet before admitting it into one of them just like you would do while admitting your kids into a new school.

Now let’s talk about some of the duties off a dog owner in particular. Although the staff at the gate of the park will take all necessary measures, it is also a part of the duty of the owner to make sure that the admitting process is smooth enough. Ensure the dog does not mock any of the rules of the park and strictly obeys the orders. The owners must also be able to understand their dog’s moods, posture, and correct any inappropriate behavior. 


Although private parks have become very popular in recent times-  many building it across their respective neighborhoods, it is strongly suggested that you visit the facility once with your dog and check out its fences and other necessary safety measures.  Talk with some dog owners who are already the members of the park to learn more about the park. Make sure that you also feel confident along with your dog about the park where you have decided to admit it.  Also, make sure you teach your dogs some social skills along the way so that there are no incidents of confrontation with another dog in the park.

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