Quirky Ideas to Spruce Up the Decoration of Your Fish Tank

Let’s face it – fish tanks can be pretty boring at times. Regardless of their shape or size, all they are is just pieces of glass held together securely filled up with a load of water. There isn’t anything special about that is there? If it is something boring for us to look at, how do you think the fish you put in feel about it? They are the ones who will spend their lives there.

However, all is not lost. There are lots of colorful and fun decorations and products that you can find that will give your fish tank a real makeover. If you pay a visit to your local pet shop, you’ll most likely see a huge range of items that you can use to give your boring plain fish tank a new lease of life, and make things a little more colourful and exciting for your fish inside.

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Aquarium Carpet Plants

One quick and easy way to add a bunch of colour to your fish tank is with a green carpet plant. There are actually many different types of this plant, so if you are someone who is setting up a fish tank for the first time, then you’ll want to use aquarium carpet plants for beginners, as these are going to be a lot easier to handle.

One of the most popular aquarium carpet plants is Java Moss, which is very easy to use and does require too much work or maintenance. It grows quickly and can give your fish tank a beautiful green carpet in no time. Other popular options include Marsilea Minuta, which is also easy to grow and gives a lovely looking decoration, or Dwarf Hairgrass which can grow quickly and is also another easy one with regards to maintenance.

Stones and Rocks

In addition to the carpet plants, it is a great feature if you can include some rocks or stones as part of your aquarium decoration. It is very important to know that you shouldn’t just place any type of rocks or stones inside the tank. Some rocks might be high in calcium and this will ultimately lead to the water becoming hard.

You should find a range of different rocks and stones in your local pet shop. Some of the most popular for freshwater fish tanks include basalt rocks, shale, lava rocks and slate. Fish are inclined to use stones and rocks as shelter, such as with the corals in the ocean. You might want to consider adding some live rocks to your aquarium, which are stones full of microorganisms and good bacteria. They can really add a whole new dimension to your tank’s appearance.

The color of the rocks and stones you use will create the tone for your aquarium. If you want to have a happier and brighter looking fish tank, then you should use brighter colored rocks such as pink quartz, while darker colors will create a more serious and dark setting. It really all depends on what you have in mind and how you want your aquarium to look. You could even use a combination of dark and light stones if you want – there are no rules you have to follow when it comes to decorating your fish tank.

Colorful sand or gravel

Many people will use gravel or small stones for the base of their fish tank. These are usually in very plain colors such as white or grey. If you want to add a bit of a jazz to the decoration you should consider using colored gravel instead. It is available in a range of different colors and can really make a big difference to the way your aquarium looks.

There are people who prefer to use sand over gravel as a base for their fish tank. Both can be used, but gravel is a much better choice, especially for those who have freshwater aquariums. Gravel allows water to flow and pass through it, whereas sand does not.

Novelty figures or items

In addition to plants and stones, a lot of people like adding a few novelty items into their fish tank to give it a little more character. One of the all-time favorites are sunken pirate ships or treasure chests that stick out of the gravel displaying their riches. Other popular items include old ancient columns, or even submarines. If you have young kids, then they would love a set of Sponge Bob Square Pants that you can find in some shops or online.

You can decorate your aquarium however you see fit, and if you want to fill it with plants or rocks, then go ahead. Just make sure that you do not fill it with too many things, which in turn could limit the amount of space that your fish have to swim around in.

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