Research Paper Topics About Animals: Topics Ideas and Guide for Writing

Coming up with write-ups and discussion essays around animal rights or health only gets easier with the right guide. Academic papers on these titles require some guidance to help the student or researcher deliver essays that stay within the scope of the topic. With the right guide or samples, you should be able to easily navigate your points, references, and quotes from reliable sources.

This article highlights some commonly discussed issues revolving around animals in our society. This topic guide would help you further discuss how these issues have affected our society in the past, how they do today, and how they would affect our future. Let’s get started!

Complex Veterinarian Research Papers

Have you been asked to create an argumentative essay on veterinary lately? Would you like to get ahead of the demanding task with some topic ideas? Of course, some titles may be based on the profession or an in-depth study of veterinary.

Whatever animal experimentation topic you choose, ensure it falls in the larger scope of veterinary. Arguing or creating speech topics on animals can be quite tasking, so you need to get all your facts checked for detailed essays. Here are some animal topics to get you brainstorming on complex veterinary issues:

  • Challenges of the veterinary profession
  • Poor veterinary care in rural areas
  • List of popularly known exotic animals as pets
  • Top benefits of microchipping your pets
  • Is there a lasting cure for Rabies?

Animal Topics for College

If you’re a student in medicine, pharmacy, sciences, or other health sciences departments in general, you might be requested to rewrite exploratory research papers discussing animal topics. You shouldn’t expect the highest scores when you pick a topic like “Dog or Cat: My Choice.”

You can build proper argumentative papers around the medical approach of wild animals. On the other hand, online research paper writing also offers a variety of works discussing animal liberties. Education platforms have a list of research paper ideas already drafted on problems about animals. Here are a few:

  • Exploration of snake venom for cancerous drugs
  • Best pets for undergraduates
  • How your pet reflects your personality in College
  • Chemical testing on pets and its side effects
  • Importance of awareness of animal conservation today

Interesting Animal Research Topics

Topics revolving around animal experiments and ethical methods can be just as entertaining as they are informative. There are lots of controversial theories and discoveries about the zoology world. You’d be fascinated about the topics to write on general animal knowledge. There are more interesting topics around animal exploitation and the dangerous adaptation events of the wild. Here are our top interesting picks to choose from:

  • Negative consequences of deforestation and pollution in the wild
  • Legal consequences for killing outside hunting season
  • Banning factory farming practices
  • The long-term effect of global warming on wildlife
  • Is pet insurance worth your money?

Animal Rights Topics for Paper

“The modern-day animal rights movement tackles the ethnicity around animal cruelty in the world. Most states and federal laws approach the privileges of animals from a welfare stand, rather than a law. In these Acts, animals are considered deals or properties to human beings provided they aren’t ‘harmful’ to the public,” Stewart Morris, animal rights activist and one of our writers at PapersOwl, commented. Even under the existing Acts, some approaches fail to protect the well-being of animals. You can discuss the following to tackle the ethics affecting the welfare of animals:

  • Breakdown of animal rights in the United States
  • Do feral dogs have rights?
  • Do invasive species have rights?
  • Fishing practices and acts regulating them
  • Destroying predator animals without breaking the law

Animal Abuse Topics

Speaking of injustice, data has shown that a huge fraction of our population is often cruel to animals. You can have a little fact-finding research project on the level of injustice faced by pets in the last decades. It’d be nice for college students to finally come up with argumentative essays tackling issues of injustice. Here are a few samples to work with when creating that writeup:

  • Strange difference between injustice in animals
  • The barbaric practice of staging animal rights
  • Does neglecting your pet constitute injustice?
  • Shooting laws protecting animals in the US
  • Should abuse of animal rights in China be concerning?

Animal Testing Research Topics

Bringing technology into the veterinary profession has helped save lots of animals today. Animals are now tested before being administered proper treatment. You can come up with a discussion on the technology importance in research process when carrying out cosmetics testing. These tech innovations have helped enhance what market exploration and human analysis would normally do. Here are some samples to get you started on testing in animals:

  • Is it legal to test cosmetic materials on animals?
  • The awful fate of laboratory mice
  • Ban against experimenting on animals in the UK
  • Running vaccine tests on pets: Right or wrong?
  • Developing COVID-19 cure with animals as lab rats

Animal Cruelty Topics

Every animal, both pets and wildlife, deserves a right to fair living conditions in 2022. The era of seeing an animal as meat or a means of entertainment during your free time is long gone. Rather than carrying out whaling analysis, some trained marine biologists hunt for sports. To bring fairness and cause social change in the way we treat every animal 100 percent, you can start by discussing the following animal titles:

  • Punishment for the cruelty of animal testing in the US
  • Teaching laws against puppy mills
  • Dog fighting
  • Pet overpopulation in urban areas
  • Animal topics related to bullying by exotic pets.


Coming up with write ups around animal health, protection, and laws could be tricky. This is why we’ve come up with this list of animal topics to help you brainstorm your academic essays. Interestingly, these topics on animal health can also be used by researchers and academics looking to publish scientific journals and guides around animal well-being. For teaching and academic purposes, we suggest you get the right citations and APA documentation around these animal topics.

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